Here at Worldwide Virtual you can fly anything from a Cessna to a 747 right from the very start. Many other virtual airlines have all sorts of rules and regulations, here we abandon those limitations and give you the freedom to fly anything. No rules, no restrictions - it's all about having fun (that's our motto). Our tours have been a huge hit as well as our scheduled flights and if you can't find a route you want you can easily make up your own! To explain further, view our policy page. Worldwide Virtual has an active forums with pilots from all over the globe sharing information or having a good laugh. We also have our own paints with the list of aircraft growing. If you'd like to see a video explaining the Worldwide Virtual Concept made by one of our pilots, scroll to the bottom of this page

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What we offer

  • Absolutely no pirep rejections EVER!
  • No rules, no restrictions, just plane old fun, fun, fun
  • Flight school with articles and tutorials written by real pilots and highly experienced simmers alike
  • Many airlines from around the world and our list is forever growing
  • Custom made ACARS which takes the hassle out of that fiddly setup before each flight
  • A range of tours which is expanding each month
  • You can fly the tours, our scheduled routes or make up your own
  • You can fly in company, on your own or use VATSIM and IVAO - the choice is yours

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Chief Pilot's Corner

CFI has left the building

Worldwide Virtual would like to thank our Chief Flight Instructor, Steve Quinn for his excellent advice and valuable assistance over the years. Unfortunately due to real life commitments Steve has had to resign as our CFI. We will shortly be looking for a new CFI but in the mean time please join us on the forums in thanking Steve for his support.