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  1. Hi Brian (744), How did you get rid of the windows border in PSX? I have set PSX up similar to yours but the windows border ruins it for me. Also how did you reduce the size of your rudder trim indicator? Mike
  2. Hi Brian, I have already started the Long Haul Tour with three flights completed. I am in Auckland at the moment (I always have problems with that airfield) getting ready for a flight to Dubai. That van driver that you mentioned (white van man?) must surely have learned a lesson from that. Hopefully! The Vulcan has to be the most impressive aircraft of the RAF, second is the Lightening! The number one Naval aircraft for me has to be the Buccaneer; it is in a league with the Vulcan. The Buc' held, and I expect it still does hold, the record for the longest sortie launched from an aircraft carrier when two of them (I believe) flew off the Arc Royal to thwart Honduras's ambitions of taking over Belize. An amazing aircraft and even though to some it might be ugly to me it is a beauty and its history stands for itself! Mike
  3. Hi Brian, I have done that trip twice in a 744; once in convoy with Brian Carter (WW2399) for which we used a slightly modified PMDG744 so that the tail tanks could be used, and once with the Aerowinx PSX http://www.worldwidevirtual.net/club/pireps/view.aspx?id=159386. For both flights I used the original 'OJA flight plan modified slightly as, as you can imagine, a lot of the navaids and waypoints had either changed or were no longer available. The latter flight took 19hrs 57 minutes but the first one, flown while with QVA, took almost the same time as the real-world 'OJA flight. The winds were a constant worry during that first flight, in particular, particularly after leaving India where there were almost no winds to speak of and what winds there were were not necessarily favourable. Once over Australia, however, fortunes changed and we were each able to land on 07 at Sydney on mere fumes. I didn't know that a Vulcan had done the trip, that aircraft continues to amaze me. What a beauty! Mike
  4. Mike WW2397

    Christmas trip to Sion (yes, in a 747-400!)

    Hi Brian, It is indeed a fun landing. I was going to land on 05 with a published visual circuit from the RNV23 approach but when I saw the runway ahead of me I forgot all about that and landed on 23 with a tail wind. Like you I woke the locals with max reverse thrust but at least they weren't collecting debris from the local neighbourhood and the airport remained open. :-) I flew the PMDG, I like to see things happening out of the window. With just one monitor I have, as yet, been unable to satisfactorily replace the grey outlook of the PSX window. :-( Mike
  5. Mike WW2397

    Christmas trip to Sion (yes, in a 747-400!)

    Hi Brian, Happy New Year! As promised I have just completed a successful approach and landing to Sion Airport in a B744. It would appear that your steadfast response to the extortionate landing fees that were demanded of you has borne fruit as your aircraft is no longer there (I assume that you or your hired pilot flew it out) and the reported damage to the runway appears to have been repaired. I had no such problems with bureaucracy as my arrival appears to have been well received, possibly because I disguised myself as the national airline. On Final approach. Parked. All the best Mike
  6. Hello Brian,

    I wonder whether your Europe 2018 tour has been finalised because if not I would like to draw your attention to Sion airport in Switzerland (LSGS).

    The airfield is in a valley at 1500' in southern Switzerland; I flew in there a couple of days ago in 3m visibility in light snow and OVC at 2000'.

    The approach is even more of a challenge because there is no ILS approach but an IGS approach on 25 that ends short of the rwy from which point a repositioning for a visual approach is necessary (similar to the checker board approach to Kai Tak).

    There are two published approaches both to rwy 25. My initial approach was the IGS approach but I aborted that because I saw an airfield below when at 10000' thinking that IGS (ILS) was not working. I climbed out and made an RNAV approach which was much more interesting as it entailed wending my way through the valley in and out of cloud putting all my confidence into the GPS and the FMC. Also, the scenery, when I got to see it, was beautiful.

    But the airfield mentioned above gives a further challenge to the approach as it was not LSGS which goes to show that when on instruments have faith in what they tell you or do not use them.

    The RNAV approach was spot on, thanks in part to ORBX and PILOT2010.

    It is my view that this airport, during the winter months in particular, is up there with LOWI and LDSP as one of the most challenging in sim flying. I am sure that it would be very much appreciated and enjoyed by all if it were included in one of the tours.


    1. brian747


      Hi Mike!

      Yes, the 2018 Tour is already with Alan awaiting publication. (Incidentally, I reused Split this time, for you and one or two other enthusiasts, but that's the only airport included that was also on last year's Tour).

      I do know LSGS of old, and entirely agree with your assessment of it (with good mesh the views are indeed spectacular, although you tend to be a bit busy at the time...). However, I have previously avoided both LSGS and LOWI simply because of their runway lengths of only 6,562 ft — that's OK for anything up to an A319, I suppose, but a bit chancy for anything bigger. I normally work to a minimum runway length of at least 7,500 ft to allow for maximum freedom when it comes to aircraft (freedom of choice being a WV article of faith). But there's also a reason why Sion is visited by so little commercial traffic....    8-º


      However, having said that, I have to admit that I did land my 744 there once, just to see if it was possible: as I recall it was a question of "third time lucky".   88-)  (I should have cheated by trying it in a 737 first).

      So thank you for the suggestion, which I will certainly bear in mind. In the past I have varied things occasionally by having a main tour and optional sub-tours, but nowadays that would make it hard for the automatic system to cope with unless *all* the boxes have to be checked; and in any case as I mentioned I'm reluctant to make a runway as short as that mandatory, since that restricts freedom of pilot choice when it comes to aircraft. But as you'll see from the 2018 Tour, there are many airports in Europe that are not well-known to the wider community and yet have interesting features — I've included a little island called Madeira, for example....    ;-)    (Try the visual approach to rwy 05 on a breezy day for a challenge quite as hard as LSGS, IMO — and you'd better be well-practised in cross-wind landings! See this vid).

      But you've got me thinking!    X-)



    2. Mike WW2397

      Mike WW2397

      I'll give it go in the 744 next time I'm down that way. :-)


    3. brian747


      Good luck! You don't often set Autobrakes to MAX, but this is definitely one of those times....    ;-)



  7. Mike WW2397

    [2017 Europe] It begins

    You have tried it then! :-)
  8. Mike WW2397

    [2017 Europe] It begins

    I have just embarked on the Europe Tour myself, my first tour for a long I am ashamed to say. Mike
  9. Mike WW2397

    [2017 Europe] It begins

    Come on Harry, haven't you ever done a wing-over in a 747? ....reduce the power to LOW, lots of bank angle, full rudder and then crank in those noise makers and make them work hard :-) Don't forget to lift the nose. It works in a C172 with just one noisy machine! :-)
  10. Mike WW2397

    The challenge...

    Good luck Dave, have fun.
  11. Mike WW2397

    A Worldwide Virtual Story

    Excellent! I look forward to reading more and seeing how it all turns out. Thanks Alan.