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  1. Can't upload any more pics, I am being told that I can't upload more than 4mb, when my pics are all less than that.
  2. Leg 20 done. LFKB to LIML, Bastia to Milan Linate. Used a DC3 for this leg, what a lovely old bird to fly.
  3. Just landed in Portugal (LPPT), flying in to Farnborough,(EGLF), tonight then flying home to Birmingham (EGBB). And that will be Europe 2019 done. (Pics to follow as soon as I have converted them to jpg and less than 4mb).
  4. Reports on legs 22 - 25 coming soon. I know how excited you are but please be patient. lol
  5. Leg 21 LIML Milan Linate, to, LFRS Nantes. Aircraft 737-800. Takeoff r/way 36R, at Milan Linate: Landing r/way 21 Nantes France. Some really nice scenery coming over the snow covered Alps.
  6. Thanks for the encouragement Brian. Ya can't just crash-land if you are coming in "hot", you have to keep it real. However, having said that I have never flown online, Vatsim etc. Pics from leg 20, LFKB Bastia to LIML Milan Linate. Pic No: 1 Airport in sight Pic No: 2 Lining up Pic No: 3 Taxy to stand. Pic No: 4 Parked and Shut Down.
  7. On runway 22 at Tessera, Venice [LIPZ]; ready for takeoff to Bastia, Poretta, [LFKB]. When I got to Bastia throttle refused to decelerate, then found that I had left auto-throttle engaged, [I was hand flying it in], so had to go around, good practice though. Not far from the finish line in this tour.
  8. Just done another leg; LOWG [Graz] to LIPZ [Tessera]. Can't find photos AGAIN! But when I do find were they have disappeared to I will upload them. This was quite a short trip and so are the next 2 to Bastia and Milan Linate. I might try going from Bastia to Milan Linate with a DC3 or a Hawker Sidley 748, could be good fun.
  9. Thanks for the encouragement captain.
  10. It does say in the guide that , quote " runway 09 is normally used for landings and rwy 27 for takeoffs - subject to certain exceptions" unquote. I thought that because there were no exceptions, ( runway was dry and wind was 030/03 ), that I was obligated to land on 09. I subscribe to Navigraph so my charts etc shouldn't be out of date. But 27 would have been easier. Nevermind it was a good and safe landing and that's all that counts really. btw I'll be taking off on 27.
  11. Here we go over the sea to Tunisia,[DTTJ]. Unfortunately no pics for this one, I thought I had taken some shots but can't find them anywhere they usually sit in "saved pictures, FSX pics" but not there. Can only land on runway 9 at DTTJ and takeoff on 27.
  12. Another leg completed, decided to stay over in Catania before going on to Tunisia. One thing that seemed strange on approach, the PAPI lights stayed white all the way down. Must be a graphics gremlin somewhere!!
  13. Back from the Lake District. I went to check out the museum at RAF Millom only to find that the museum itself is very small, not much there and the airfield is now HM Prison, Millom. What I did find interesting are the maps that where used to navigate during WWII. I think that today we are very fortunate to have things like Navigraph etc, to find our way around. And it's largely due to navigation pioneers like Flt Sgt Knutton and his colleagues that we have what we have.
  14. Yeh, I did look at the chart extract and also the full chart on Navigraph, but not the description. Good lesson there. I tend not to read instructions for flat pack furniture either. :).
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