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  1. Knight W

    Sunny trip from Corfu to Vienna

    Cool Brian looks great.
  2. Knight W

    [2019 Europe] Part 2: Legs 6 to 10

    You get two kind of pilots, those who did a wheels up and those who are still going to do a wheels up.......lol
  3. Knight W

    Saving an Queen of the Skies

    Grab her up Harry, KA will fly you there so you can bring her back. Just give me the airport to pick you up and destination is OISS. Since KA has a B738 we will bring along one of our spare engines so you do not have to take her out of there on one engine. why start the flight with an emergency? If the B738 engine does not fit the max we will make a plan, ever heard of duct tape? Thanks
  4. Knight W

    fsx p3d now x plane 11

    WOW Looks good buddy. What rig are you running? CPU, GPU and so on?
  5. Knight Aviation completed the Europe 2018 Tour just in time to be back home @ Langebaanweg Airport FALW to see 2018 out. We arrived 12pm the afternoon 31/12/2018 just in time to light the braaivleis (barbecue) fires for the old years eve. The 2018 Europe tour took us to some of the best scenery there is, from stunning mountains with white snow blankets covering them, to the darkest of the earth where the sun barely ever shines and where your compass wants to hit the floor, to an Island they say is FUN but you think on Approach "this is really going to hurt", to behind the Iron curtain and back to the sunshine Islands in the Mediterranean sea, to the home land of the God Father and to the dry sands of North Africa. Norway Flesland totally blew my mind with its small Islands. We did the tour in peak Winter time and at times I wanted to actually put on my thick coat...............mmmm wait you are in South Africa mid summer and mid heat wave.......maybe not a good idea. 21 Countries in total 25 flights. We really enjoy doing this tour. KA was hired by a couple of Israeli Rabbi's and soon learned why they say "where there are 2 Rabbi's together, there are 3 opinions." They really have different opinions all the time. Luckily it was our Air Hostesses that had to listen and the pilots could tuck away in the cockpit. So we started the tour from Tel Aviv Yisra'el. We ferried our new Boeing 757-200 C32A up for the tour from FALW via Nairobi and back via Yemen Socotra and Kinshasa DRC. Our new Boeing 757-200 C32A proved her self as an excellent AC for the use of doing tours and what a pleasure to fly. Little under powered from FL380 if you really want to sit at FL400 or FL410 you really have to managed a step clime from FL380 and have to keep her at 87% thrust at FL410. She is more comfy at FL350 - FL380 for the cruise at Mach 0.8.
  6. Knight W

    Teaser for the 2019 European Tour

    OH MY WORD where is that runway???? Can't wait to see where it is, will do this tour first next year when it comes out just to see where it is.....................great pics and nice landing.
  7. Knight W

    Asia 2018

    @harrry WOW!!
  8. Knight W

    Asia 2018

    And so another tour for Knight Aviation comes to an end. Asia 2018. What a demanding and challenging tour this has been at times. The high mountains in the Northern part really made this an interesting journey for Knight Aviation. During this time KA went through some really big changes with P3D v4 still new to KA, KA also upgraded it fleet with a new GTX 1070 oc 8gb in the later stage of the tour. KA also found a FMC finally that works more or less with it's AC's (not yet totally ideal, but much better to once I tried before.) KA was contacted by a international choir for a tour of Asia, and jumped at the opportunity to do it. The choir sounds really more like a cat in distress and really interfered with the captain's nap at times, but luckily the flying was very interesting. Oops did I say that out loud..........mmmmm no pilot of KA ever takes a nap in the cockpit........honestly! So our journey started on the 27/10/2018 @ Presidente Nicolau Lobato International 10:49 z (According to Acars) and ended on the 30/11/2018 @ 19:41z. But there where one more short little leg to do.....LUKLA....cr@#@!p. Well we where defiantly not going to fit the B738 in there (we are not @brian747 that probably could fit the B744 in there and then take it out of there as well). Wrecking about 3 King Air 350 that just does not want to bleed off airspeed even if we bring her in just above stall speed, we decided on a Grand Caravan and really had to plant it as close to the rnw numbers and still with reverse prop and maks breaks it run off just just. (anybody that have the right plates or approach for LUKLA please I might need those next time I go in there.) LUKLA SSOME OTHER PICS
  9. Hi Brian the beast is looking cool, I like the new paint job and beast. Glad you did not hit TOGA and saw the runway in time, I was already late for a meeting, and if you diverted or went around I would have totally missed my meeting, oh and tnx it was nice flying Brain's Charter. Congrats on that landing
  10. Knight W

    Saving an Queen of the Skies

    tnx @brian747
  11. Knight W

    Saving an Queen of the Skies

    Knight Aviation decided after the completion of the charter tour of Aussie, it is time to expand it's fleet and what better way to do it with an Queen of the skies? Through a very trusty broker and expert on B744 named Brian747, KA got hold of a good solid mid life B744 decommissioned by an well known Airline. KA immediately jumped at the opportunity to rescue such a beautiful young Queen of the sky and put her back where she belong at 41 000 ft. Only problem was she needed to be rescued out of some grave yard in the middle of some unforgiving dessert, called Mojave Airport -KMHV (could actually be called aircraft HELL). Brian747 arranged for the refurbish and new paint job to restore her, to be done in Las Vegas McCarren Int. - KLAS. She then had to be taken to Miami Int. - KMIA for her new engines and proper inspection and registration, apparently the inspectors and the engineers work better in the tropical climate of Miami but I think they just wanted a reason for all paid vacation in Miami..............mmmmm The next step when she is all done is the trip to her new home base Cape Town. Meet the Queen at Mojave, who would do such a thing to such a beauty? Climbing away from the HELL and back in the sky where she belong! Turning for ILS approach at Las Vegas. Long finals with Vegas in sight. Taxiing to the gate. Unveiling of the new painted KA B774 Queen of the sky This the new look the day before the flight to Miami at the unveiling. The flight to Miami Climbing out of Las Vegas for FL410 The Mississippi river Approach into Miami Int. Now for the leg home Cape Town SA FACT!
  12. Knight W


    Yeah luckily it is socket 1151 and even the new 8gen I7's are still 1151. Good luck with the project lol
  13. Knight W


    @brian747 We have the same CPU lol.
  14. Knight W


    Yes thanks I tried to maintained as much realism as possible, but yes you are right I will have to turn crash detection off there will be some where some buildings or trees in the way of the runways like some hairy stuff I have found already. thanks guys.
  15. Knight W


    What is a bit annoying in P3D if I open the cargo bay doors the little cargo loader comes to play and it then crashes into my AC and the sim goes crash detected and reset the session !!!!!!