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  1. Requested to transfer hours, could you look at it for me... Kind Regards

    Paul Hignett

  2. Jay,

    I have duplicate PIREPS as the result of a hung app or extremely slow processing from a flight I flew yesterday:

    20/06/2017 3:32:17 PM DL1443 KATL KIAH 2.04 WW-B738 598 -157 Approved View Report
    20/06/2017 3:30:41 PM DL1443 KATL KIAH 2.04 WW-B738 598 -157 Approved View Report

    Can you remove one of them from my  flights? 


    Glenn Wilkinson WW1767

    1. Flybird141


      Clock on the View Report, then at the bottom of the page " Flight Details " there is a delete flight you are able to delete yourself.

      If you can't get it. I will take care of it.



    2. GeeDub


      Got it.  Thanks!

  3. Worldwide Hanger

    KMEM FSDream Team Fhanger
  4. Helicopter

  5. Jay,


    Just one question as I hope to fly my first Flight for WorldWideVirtual on Monday - can you just advise me how I file a pirep manually?   Do you do it by email or .....?

    Just want to get it right.




    1. Flybird141


      The easiest way is to book your flight on the front page.  When you want to file the manual, go to "my bookings"in the drop down list.  On the right of each booked flight is a file report link.  Open that page enter the reason for manual in pilots comments....."XP system"....then coil know validate button and submit.  That's it.

  6. Pushback at La Paz

    I used to fly into La Paz in real life.
  7. Thanks!

    I also went into the AF in 77. Got to Lackland on Dec. 1. What bases were you at? Mine were:

    Nellis 78-79

    Osan 80-81

    McClellan 81-82

    Griffiss (T-33's) 82-87

    McConnell (B-1's) 87-94


    Took Bill Clinton's early retirement program in 94 when the wanted to send me to Barksdale. (No thanks!)



    1. Flybird141


      Lackland Dec 20th 77

      Norton AFB, CA 78 to 80 FMS Aircraft Mechanic

      Altas AFB, OK  Flight School

      Charleston AFB, SC 81 to 83 Flight Engineer C141b Flew from there to South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

      Join us on Teamspeak    Download:  http://www.teamspeak.com/downloads


      password: worldwide




  8. Has my account been deleted?  Paul (Ruger). I think it was WW1846.

    1. Flybird141


      Your back to active:)


  9. http://www.flyingtigersgroup.org/Thai/

    Crew center and pilot roster than you see at TG023 471.2 hours.

    Thanks for the Transfer


    Dick ww4601