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    Captain Sim 757 for P3D v4 KLAX - KSLC

    No issues at all with frame rates. It was comparable, if not better than PMDG. In fact, sometimes I get a drop in scenery intensive places like LAX while pushback...not with the 757...it was smooth as butter. Enjoy!
  2. Happy New Year! Here is to writing 2017 on everything for the next 3 months. Woke up this morning to find that Captain Sim released the 757-200 base package for P3D v4! I slapped down my plastic and got me a copy. Some of you who have P3D v4 know that there are practically NO aircraft outside the stock planes, PMDG, and recently FSLabs A320 out there. Like literally nothing (I've been searching). Even if you aren't a fan of the 757, it is hard not to be excited about some new variety. After a very long download (I am sure their servers are screaming), the 221mb install file took about an hour to download. I updated the AIRAC data through Navigraph, and was on my way for a short hop. The Flight: Flight model is great. Handling is very responsive, a joy to fly. Being a typical man, I don't need no tutorials....but I will likely review them to learn the finer points. I was able to get right in and fly with my PMDG knowledge. Departure: Los Angeles International (KLAX) Departed 7L at 2010z In Flight: Routing: GARDY2 LAS DCT MLF QWENN5 Cruise at FL330, M0.82 Arrival: Salt Lake City International (KSLC) Arrival on the ILS, 34R, Autoland, at 2155z Metar: KSLC 012327Z 0200/0306 33006KT P6SM SCT080 SCT150 FM020400 14004KT P6SM SKC FM021800 33006KT P6SM SCT120 FM030300 16005KT P6SM SCT150 At KLAX, some exterior shots of the new model: And some interior shots: Cabin shots: Take off and enroute: Some shots of the FMC: Approach and landing at KSLC Happy New Year!
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    Thanks Brian. I'm new to this, so I took a look around and inserted the photos directly into the blog. Should be better this time around :-) Thanks for the comment!
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    PMDG 777LR in Air Canada colours Departing: YSSY at 00:25 GMT (10:25LT) Arriving: CYVR Scenery is FlyTampa Sydney and FSDREAMTEAM Vancouver Initial altitude is FL270, RSVM step climb to FL350 Routing: KAMBA8 MATLA H133 GAMBL H66 LAGOB H185 BN DCT 21S160E 18S163E 16S165E 11S170E 05S175E 01N180E 07N175W 12N170W 15N167W DCT SOK DCT ZIGIE A331 ZINNO DCT 40N140W DCT DOLFF TR15 YAZ SHARK9