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      We have just released the next alpha version of the new website and this one is a HUUUUGE release. Schedules search is complete, you can now add, view and remove bookings and a heap of pages have been added. Visit http://new.worldwidevirtual.net to check it out. As always the more feedback we get, the better the new website will be.


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  1. Nice flight Brian. What scenery were you using?
  2. [2017 South America] Tour Wrap

    Glad to see you enjoyed the tour
  3. The newest State (of the contiguous 48)

    Loving your stories, keep them up!
  4. 2017-6-18_12-36-24-586.png

    From the album Prepar3d v4

    And beautiful real looking clouds!!
  5. Prepar3d v4

    Pics from Prepar3d v4
  6. 2017-6-18_12-20-43-650.png

    From the album Prepar3d v4

    The last active sky update has made the sim look even better
  7. 2017-6-18_12-12-37-387.png

    From the album Prepar3d v4

    Looks very real
  8. 2017-6-18_12-11-10-589.png

    From the album Prepar3d v4

    Looks real
  9. 2017-6-17_20-40-22-342.png

    I am using all ORBX with Ultimate Realism Pack. Active sky had an update today and now looks even better.
  10. 2017-6-17_20-40-22-342.png

    From the album Prepar3d v4

    Another shot leaving Chicago
  11. 2017-6-17_20-40-15-342.png

    From the album Prepar3d v4

    Leaving Chicago enroute Atlanta
  12. 2017-6-17_19-8-41-554.png

    From the album Prepar3d v4

    Still on approach to KORD, missed the VECTOR in the FMC so had to do a loop to get down lower
  13. 2017-6-17_19-7-59-727.png

    From the album Prepar3d v4

    On approach into KORD - not bad for night time lighting in P3Dv4
  14. 2017-6-10_21-39-53-101.png

    From the album Prepar3d v4

    And another from the other side of the plane
  15. 2017-6-10_21-37-53-898.png

    From the album Prepar3d v4

    Coming over the mountains, more distance shots