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  1. Informative as always Brian. Certainly a lot more cargo flying at WW then there used to be.
  2. Welcome back

  3. I have FlightGear. I don’t think that your ACARS program won’t work with it. What should I do?


  4. ello www1000 without any name lol---wee question: could be possible my flag says i am from another country but i am in usa now since late february on the forums and my profile on the site.

  5. Thanks Alan for all the great work....  very grateful for what you do for us

    Fly JetBlue


  6. Glad to see you enjoyed the tour
  7. Loving your stories, keep them up!
  8. Great pics mate, looks like you were just a touch of centre with that one!
  9. When we created the current website as you see it from the ground up we managed to significantly reduce the time it took to add new airlines. However, it still took time - around 3 hours each time to make sure all the data was correct. So with that in mind, with the new website being developed, a new schedules designer was created. This app on the desktop will allow me to add new airlines in around 15 minutes. BTW this is developed using .NET 4.5.x so like ACARS is not compatible with Windows XP but given its an internal tool won't affect anyone but me. So pulling out Visual Studio (recently updated to the 2017 version), I created a program that looks a little bit like ACARS. Just to show a bit of the code: This small yet powerful program is several 1000's of lines of code (nothing compared to your favourite game or office app). However it also allows me to connect with the online database and download all of the airports and aircraft to a local database. The final result is a simple dialog allowing me to add an airline (one aircraft type at a time). However this method does not require me to get all of the aircraft regos so also makes it easier to change later. Once the schedules have been sorted and checked (again that aircraft and airports database comes in handy), I can then upload the schedules direct to the website without ever having to go in the browser. Basically 15 minutes work which used to take 3 hours (when we first started 5 years ago it used to take a month). Whilst this program will not be available to regular users, it shows how developers also develop their own internal tools to make their life easier. So next time you are concerned that your favourite developer hasn't had an update in a while its probably because they are developing a tool in the background to make life easier (i.e. a support system or content delivery system).
  10. Worldwide Virtual had its humble beginnings back in 2011 as a small yet unique virtual airline that allowed anyone the freedom to fly whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. In fact the original logo was a little bit simple: And even our old signature block was quite simple: We used the old kACARS which was compatible with PHPVMS: Which was a far cry to what we are used to now. And whilst we had custome flights, we only had a handfull of airlines to start off with including the Virgin Group, Qantas, American Airlines and British Airways. In order to put this data into PHPVMS, it took around 2 months of painstakingly transcribing from real world schedules into a CSV file. After about a year we redeveloped the skin of Worldwide Virtual and improved the logo somewhat: Our awards in 2012 even looked a little different: Until around 2013 when we settled on the now globe that has become the familiar face of Worldwide Virtual: And new award designs: But we were not done, not by a long shot. In 2014 we realised that with around 500+ pilots the phpvms system was under strain. Whilst we went from a simple webhost in 2011 to our own Virtual Server in 2013/14, the phpvms system was really never designed for a large virtual airline like ours. Sure it allowed us to add some nifty features that were already created by others but we were expanding rapidly and many were asking for new features. So I started learning C# .net and ASP. This was chosen because of my background in Java and C/C++. In 2015 we relaunched Worldwide Virtual with the familiar theme you see now. However, this was a rough start and we had a few teething issues but in early 2016 we had most of them sorted out and the website has run (relatively) smoothly since then. However this was just the beginning. We did make some changes like ACARS looks and acts completely different: And custom flights became a bigger feature but once the dust had settled on the new website and ACARS, our pilots just kept wanting more. In 2016 we celebrated our 5th birthday and with over 1000 pilots have become one of the most successful virtual airlines in the world. So this brings me to my blog now. From the new website and ACARS launched in 2015 and the subsequent bug fixing, a lot of lessons have been learnt. So in late 2016 the second iteration of what we now call the ASP Virtual Airline Management System (ASPVAMS) started. By starting completely again reusing only good code and rewriting some of the code known to be buggy we can implement the features that have been asked for more rapidly. So this blog is about showing you that journey starting today.
  11. American tour says NOT available in your message

  12. Happy Birthday, Dont drink to much but as its your birthday. Go ahead. Have a great day.

  13. Allen, Iam speaking with 1004 ( Greg ) about the Southwest Bids available. I'm very familar with direct flights to and from KPVD ( BWI, MDW, TPA, MCO, RSW, FLL ). I offered to help with these real time schedules, and Greg told me to mentin it to you. Let me know if you need any help. Glad to oblidge..


  14. check main page looks like its down...but ts is up and ok


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