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  1. Glad you are. Leg 9's report will be delayed. Had FMC issues climbing out of Maastricht, so returned and cancelled the flight. Will try again on Friday.
  2. Departure: LSGG - Geneva Cointrin International Airport - 1554Z - 04 Arrival: EHBK - Maastricht Aachen Airport - 1724Z - ILSZ03 The client's speaking engagement finished earlier than expected, so we went wheels up around 1600Z. A short flight at FL300 with some minor chop, but nothing concerning. Initial weather at EHBK was misty, but it had cleared up by the time we arrived, so landing was smooth. No issues from ATC this time either. It will be an early morning departure from Maastricht, as the client has a full day of high-level engagements. Depart will either be later in the evening, or early next morning, just waiting for confirmation.
  3. Departure: DTTJ - Djerba–Zarzis International Airport - 0924Z - 27 Arrival: LSGG - Geneva Cointrin International Airport - 1221Z - ILS04 A nice morning flight to Geneva, marred only by Approach Controllers in Geneva who thought that I could intercept the ILS from a 335 deg. turn. Fortunately said Controller got removed, and replaced by someone more competent, for a decent approach and smooth landing the second time around. The clients didn't even comment on the go-around, but they are not the friendliest, and were probably too buried in their devices to even notice. One of them, some sort of physics professor/scientist, is giving a speech at a conference this afternoon, then we will depart late afternoon/early evening for Maastricht. This will be our nightstop, and where we will spend the rest of tomorrow as the clients are attending a conference, and we will depart on schedule the next day to Bergen.
  4. 2018 Worldwide European Tour - Leg 6 Departure: LLBG - Ben Gurion International Airport - 0320Z - 21 Arrival: DTTJ - Djerba–Zarzis International Airport - 0749Z - ILSY09 This early morning departure out of Tel Aviv was nine minutes early, and the flight went smoothly, literally. We shadowed an Air Malta A320 for most of our flight, that had also departed LLBG just ahead of us. Client has a breakfast meeting in Djerba, then we will head to Geneva.
  5. They do, it's the client that insists on the stopovers, or not, as the case may be. We landed 30 minutes early in Djerba, with 80-100kt+ headwinds all the way. Dunno how that happened, as we only lifted off 9 minutes ahead of schedule.
  6. 2018 Worldwide European Tour - Leg 5 Departure: LUKK - Chișinău International Airport - 1254Z - 26 Arrival: LLBG - Ben Gurion International Airport - 1603Z - ILS 08 Flight depart close to ETD, and was fairly routine. Weather was bad descending into Tel Aviv, but the storm had move off by the time we arrived, so except for a runway change (from 21 to 08), the approach and landing was uneventful. ATC parked us between two Queens, they still fly in my virtual skies. We are nightstopping here, will depart early tomorrow morning as per the Tour Schedule.
  7. 2018 Worldwide European Tour - Leg 4 Departure: UWGG - Nizhny Novgorod International Airport - 0921Z - 18L Arrival: LUKK - Chișinău International Airport - 1222Z - 26 RNAV Approach Fairly uneventful flight, was a bit choppy descending into LUKK, but no major issues. The group of 16 that have chartered me for this Tour do not plan to spend much time at Chișinău, ETB is currently 1300Z for our next leg to Tel Aviv, where an overnight stop is planned. See some shots from the flight below, the cover photo is after arrival, system won't let me upload to the main gallery. Says my upload limit is 4Mb, even though all 7 photos are just over 2Mb in total...
  8. A sunrise shot from Leg 3 - EVRA-UWGG. Sorry that there isn't more, but only had default scenery for UWGG, and after two missed approaches and then a manual landing in bad wx, was not in a SS mood. I have found some nice freeware for LUKK, will show that off in the blog entry for that leg. We will be having breakfast (probably vodka and caviar, I have no idea what is available) at Strigino, before heading out to Chișinău. Unfortunately it will be a quick stop there, so don't think we will get much sightseeing done, but should get a few shots airside at least.
  9. Here are some shots from Legs 1 & 2 of my 2018 Worldwide European Tour
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