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  1. WW9731

    2018 Worldwide European Tour - Leg 7

    The beauty of flight simming - don't like the approach, sack the controller! Great series of posts mate, keep em coming.
  2. WW9731

    Tour of London — by 747!

    Great shots mate
  3. WW9731

    2019 European Tour

    'Tis a great tour, so welcome onboard and look forward to reading more of your progress through the blog.
  4. WW9731

    [2019 Europe] Part 2: Legs 6 to 10

    Cheers Brian
  5. WW9731

    [2019 Europe] Part 2: Legs 6 to 10

    Yes indeed mate
  6. WW9731

    [2019 Europe] Part 2: Legs 6 to 10

    And so we return for part 2.... Leg 6 of the tour first up, from Hamburg, Germany to Lodz in Poland. Appropriate livery chosen. TOGA TOGA TOGA, let's blow this popsicle stand. Safely away. Hmm. 560 AGL and we're in solid cloud. I know I'm flying the ILS and all, but I wasn't actually expecting to fly it to minimums. Not that I know what the minimums are... And we're visual at about 300 feet. Let's call that 'minimums' Ok, so this next leg (to Moscow) presented yours truly with more than a few challenges. In hindsight, it was never going to be simple, especially when you see a mysterious black limo rock up just prior to departure. Three attempts were required to complete this leg. Firstly, X-Plane bugged out with a CTD. Then, an actual aircraft crash after what I can only guess was an encounter with severe icing. Anyway, on the third attempt, we got away safely in the Aeroflot livery, bound for Moscow. Eerie lighting effect as we cruise. Ominous, in hindsight. And the curse strikes again. Look carefully at the image below and you'll notice something awry. Yep, a belly landing. I wish I could blame X-Plane (or the mysterious black limo) for this, but I can't. Just a flat out cluster of an approach where the Kapitan forgot to lower the gear. Or as I like to call it, 'Autobrakes Extreme'. My first unintentional belly flop in many, many years of simming. As I reflected on this afterwards, I realised how many Human Factors (HF) issues were at play here. The personal irony being that I have developed HF training for others... In desperate need of redemption, I got back on the horse and headed for Azerbaijan. A (thankfully) uneventful flight to a desolate place - at least in X-Plane. The uneventfulness lasted one flight. This next one (to Kiev) was over in about 20 minutes after Kapitan Khaos forgot to start ACARS. Realising it about 20 miles from departure, I made a cheeky 180 and returned to the field. Take two was better and we made it to a low-vis Kiev without further incident. Romania was next on the itinerary. Another low-vis arrival, complete with trees planted over the approach lights. Thanks X-Plane. Thanks. And that's it, for what was an adventurous part deux. Thanks for reading.
  7. WW9731

    Teaser for the 2019 European Tour

    Having now visited the airport in question on the 2019 Europe tour, I'm sure I heard Brian's evil cackle still lingering in the air as I touched down off my second approach.
  8. WW9731

    Far(ther) East — Magadan to Beijing

    Great post Brian. Enjoyed sharing the journey with you as always.
  9. WW9731

    [2019 Europe] Part 1: Legs 1 to 5

    Thanks Brian. Hard not to enjoy such a well-designed tour mate!
  10. WW9731

    [2019 Europe] Part 1: Legs 1 to 5

    And another WWV tour begins - 2019 Europe. Thanks to maestro Brian Cowell for his work in putting together this little adventure for us all to enjoy. As I write this post, I am almost halfway through the tour, parked in Larnaca, but this first PIREP will only account for legs 1 to 5, as I haven't had time to sort the rest of the screenshots 2019 Europe begins at Farnborough. My chariot of choice for this leg was the ‘Zibo mod’ 737 in XP11.30. I thought I would see what all the fuss is about and (1) try to learn this bird, and (2) get XP running decently on my old rig during this tour. I can’t say I’ve succeeded with (1) yet, but I have got XP11.30 running reasonably well, primarily by configuring all the sliders to so far left that they are practically off the screen. Anyway, Ryanair seemed the most appropriate livery for this first leg. I think this is Heathrow? No ortho, no Orbx or anything like that on my rig. Touchdown in Prestwick. Long, but on the centreline. Good enough for me. Next up, I switched back to P3D and the Q400 when I saw what the weather was going to be like for the 2nd leg arrival into Bergen. Sorry XP11, but the weather representation in P3D is more to my liking when conditions are 'marginal'. Totally different representation of Scotland when you jump back into P3D. Started with the ILS before becoming visual and doing the rest myself. Leg 3 took us from Bergen down to Aalborg, Denmark. Back into the 737 for this leg to test out yet another new update from old mate Zibo. Down to Luxembourg for Leg 4. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Luxembourg in the virtual sense. An all together uneventful journey and I was starting to feel moderately comfortable with the 737 by this point. Leg 5 had us heading up to Hamburg, Germany. Really pretty on the way in. And that is where I'll conclude this post. The next few legs is where this tour started to get interesting from the perspective of successfully completing flights. More about that in the next post Thanks for reading folks.
  11. WW9731

    fsx p3d now x plane 11

    XP11 certainly is impressive. Tough on older rigs like mine, but if you've got decent hardware, she's a treat. The quality and diversity of the freeware is fantastic. Airports, aircraft and little plugins that transform various aspects. That Zibo 737 (with all the bells and whistles included) is payware quality and then some. Bit of work required to keep up with the updates, but that's the price you pay for having the most actively developed aircraft around. For GA lovers (and owners of Carenado's C152) there is a stunning freeware mod available from 'Nhadrian'.
  12. WW9731

    Asia 2018

    Congrats on completing the tour mate, and for sharing the pics - well done! Anyone who hasn't pranged a bird or 40 trying to get into Lukla simply doesn't know what adventure (or frustration) is! How good does that Everest scenery for XP look...
  13. WW9731

    Teaser for the 2019 European Tour

    Ah Brian, you big tease! Great shots indeed. Thanks for your efforts with these tours.
  14. WW9731

    Saving an Queen of the Skies

    Great story and pics mate. You boys and your heavies...
  15. WW9731

    [2018 Australia & South Pacific] Mid-tour update

    I must find a tour that has ENVA on the itinerary. You know, drop in to see the mother-in-law and all that...