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  1. Welcome back

  2. harrry

    Fly Knight Aviation

    And I thought you did not respecct your passengers, probably so but this film is a great work of fiction. It is a great job. if I needed to advertise to get customers you would be at the top of my agency list. Now flying with you is another matter. ;0 Great music too and you timed it perfectly.
  3. That A36 was a C172 until Knights aviation Mechanics did some work on it after Pieter's last landing in it.
  4. Just mark it "Thanks for the great night" That should get it opened instantly.
  5. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/vat-part-exchanges-barters-and-set-offs Though I am reminded of the time when a cheque was written on a cow and the judgement was that this was legal and as tendered the debt was extinguished however the writer was responsible for the charges of clearance which included stabling the cow and providing feed and vet services which added up to more than the cheque. Although this is now said to be false news it was included in a text book on negotiable instruments which I had to study in 1970. This is the story said to be false and it is but it may however be based on a preceding case. http://www.deceptology.com/2012-09/can-you-cash-check-written-on-cow.html A cheque has been written on a banana.
  6. He is not sending the. The critters are just rats trying to desert a sinking ship.
  7. harrry


    I think that happened to Brian747 one trip he posted to South America...he eventually got it back and after an overweight takeof (when he arrived empty),,,the overweight dissapeared shortly after landing back in another country.
  8. You should not have time to look at the scenery....in that antique..no hud you should be concentrating on your speed tape That should get a bite.....
  9. I have an even more efficient one who makes sure I have no cash.
  10. What worries me is he has a whole year to plot mischief for the next. He may be freezing his monkeys in Mongolia but that is sure to be summer compared to what is to come.
  11. I hope you hid that old airforce greatcoat....you never know what trouble it could get you in there.
  12. Your friend must have been a good Requirements Proffessional for software design:)
  13. No worries mate.....a bottle of whisky, a 15000 ft runway at 5000 ft.......4 Tons of fuel to get to Kuwait to fix it and we are set. Single engine taxi to as fast as it can go, hope it goes straigt for a while then slowly increase the throttle till V1 then shut eyes and floor it. Aussies just use duct tape rarely, fencing wire does a much more permanent job and is cheaper (as long as the fence is not yours).
  14. They tell me there is a good 737Max going cheap with one engine in Shiraz......nearly new..... A little midnight flight should fix it and you can get a new engine anywhere but Iran. Shiraz by the way is a very beautiful place, the birthplace of the wine.....though not sure you can drink it now. (alcohol I had there came in lux detergent bottles and had to be diluted with coke). Great people too.