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  1. [2017 Europe] Mid-tour update

    Good to see you but leave those ladies alone.....they are all mine....mine......mine..... Nice plane for it too.
  2. A Trip to Vegas in a 727

    It was really a go around started by the PF overiden by the Captain, just like the one at Trabazon.
  3. A Trip to Vegas in a 727

    QF1 found that out.
  4. A Trip to Vegas in a 727

    It was the first jet to be used in Australia and I was working at AWA at the time and even under supervision did some work on the electronics. Things were pretty free at the airport then and I spent a lot of time just sitting in the cockpits dreaming. Left that job soon after which may have been a bit foolish to work in New Guinea. Thanks for the memories. What 727 is that you use?
  5. I think the main reason his plane left was the gnomes worked out the cost of disposal of a 747 versus the cost of keeping it and took the easy way out. You will find out when you go to get a new aircraft if you still have a credit rating Brian,
  6. Captain Sim 757 for P3D v4 KLAX - KSLC

    Looks a nice aircraft...did they do a Trump livery....those who like him could fly it and those who do not could crash it.
  7. SION AIRPORT AUTHORITY Dear Sir or Herren Enclosed please find the landing charges and runway repair charges due for overweight landing. Damage to Runway Surface and base. Damage to Taxiways Closure of Airport for 4 days Total due.... Swiss Francs 55000000 Please remit within 5 days. We are holding your plane until these charges are paid and note that Parking Charges are Accruing daily for this. Merry Christmas from Sion.
  8. [2017 Europe] It begins

    You forgot to drop the flaps just as you throw the bank on.
  9. [2017 Europe] It begins

    Remember when it comes round the mountain to line up with that blind runway that puddle jumper turns quicker than a 747
  10. [2017 Europe] It begins

    Have a great trip......
  11. p4d

  12. The Bluegrass State

    Having been a member of Aero clubs in both Port Moresby and Darwin I believe you.
  13. The Bluegrass State

    Light aircraft have trouble handling kegs....now 747s are different.
  14. 2017 North America Flt 17055

    mice vids. Good to see you again.
  15. pc24

    pilatus shots