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  1. harrry

    Knight Aviation finally took the plunge

    It should be no problem for you changing to P3d4 You only need one plane, the 747. A little pricey,especially if you add the 747-8 but I am sure they would keep you busy for a while. Your other favorite of the Real planes should be no problem as they have been upgraded for P3D4
  2. harrry

    Knight Aviation finally took the plunge

    If the aircraft is a default aircraft using only fsx default controls and guages there are few problems. With anything else while the body may import guages will not work.
  3. harrry

    Knight Aviation officially took to the skies.

    Is the one plane airline still in business?
  4. harrry

    [2018 Australia & South Pacific] Mid-tour update

    Brian has already told us to go there..... Try the 2017 Europe tour.
  5. harrry

    [2018 Australia & South Pacific] Mid-tour update

    "Welcome to flight 666 to ENVA so you can all go to Hell" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hell,_Norway
  6. Visiting that site should come with a warning. Few can resist the rest of the offers once trying one because of the unequalled quality of the product. It could prove a very expensive visit.
  7. harrry

    [2017 North America] Mid-tour update

    Now Brian. fibbing again? I hear you are a dab hand at throwing a Duke around on your second monitor. Ice is not that bad on the Q400, if you want bad ice try anything made by the Swiss guy who made the Xplane Pillatius planes, nice planes, rude developer who has a liking for making the windscreen opaque at about 8000ft even at the equator if you have not put ice on.
  8. harrry

    [2017 Europe] Tour wrap

    fantastic photos. Now how about some of those heartbreakers in every port
  9. harrry

    [2017 Europe] Mid-tour update

    Well if a VW beetle had ample room I am sure a Legacy couldlead to a legacy being needed. Lucky it has autopilot.
  10. harrry

    [2017 Europe] Mid-tour update

    Good to see you but leave those ladies alone.....they are all mine....mine......mine..... Nice plane for it too.
  11. harrry

    A Trip to Vegas in a 727

    It was really a go around started by the PF overiden by the Captain, just like the one at Trabazon.
  12. harrry

    A Trip to Vegas in a 727

    QF1 found that out.
  13. harrry

    A Trip to Vegas in a 727

    It was the first jet to be used in Australia and I was working at AWA at the time and even under supervision did some work on the electronics. Things were pretty free at the airport then and I spent a lot of time just sitting in the cockpits dreaming. Left that job soon after which may have been a bit foolish to work in New Guinea. Thanks for the memories. What 727 is that you use?
  14. I think the main reason his plane left was the gnomes worked out the cost of disposal of a 747 versus the cost of keeping it and took the easy way out. You will find out when you go to get a new aircraft if you still have a credit rating Brian,
  15. harrry

    Captain Sim 757 for P3D v4 KLAX - KSLC

    Looks a nice aircraft...did they do a Trump livery....those who like him could fly it and those who do not could crash it.