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  1. brian747


    <grin> It's a good 'un (for its age), and I'm not yet at all tempted to change it — especially since my mobo would probably need to be replaced as well, which means a lot of downtime while I fiddle about getting everything realigned. Life's too short as it is. Cheers, Brian
  2. brian747


    @Knight W Many thanks for that info, which makes a lot of sense. The reason for the question is that I've been considering putting together a totally new sim installation, and planning what I would do differently. My looooong-established FSX setup (which I will retain) is rock solid, but whilst I'm running PSX on the same machine it can't maintain 30 fps at complex airports: since I vly only the 744 I feel that I should be able to do better on the same hardware (i7 6700K @ 4.6GHz, GTX 1070 8Gb, 512Gb M.2 NVMe SSD, 34 inch G-Sync 3440x1440 px) by not installing stuff like Orbx scenery, and using fewer weather and texture add-ons, and less complex mesh. Less is more. At seven miles up fancy scenery is irrelevant anyway, hence this time around I would spend awhile using the default scenery (although complex airports and GSX L2 are must-haves) before gently starting to introduce some add-ons in priority sequence, testing each one for fps impact as I go. So your current situation is particularly relevant for the way I'm currently thinking. I'm in no hurry, and am prepared to take as long as it takes when the time comes to installing things to get the result I'm aiming for (I'll report back to the forum when the process is complete, but I fully expect that to be in 2019). Oh, and Trooper is bang on the money — turn off crash detection. Real simmers tend not to vly into buildings or bounce down the runway, anyway — that's gamer territory. Cheers, Brian
  3. brian747


    Well it sure is looking good, and it's great to hear that you're happy with the change! Good news indeed: to put that into context could you please tell us what aircraft you are using, and what scenery (i.e default, Orbx, whatever), along with your CPU and GPU? It's just that, as a survivor of many sim versions over the decades, I am a little wary of quoted rates soon after the sim is first installed, since they do tend to take a nosedive once more and more add-ons get into the act. TIA, Cheers, Brian
  4. brian747

    Knight Aviation finally took the plunge

    Thanks for that, harrry — I've heard that said, too. But it seems that different people have different experiences in this area, which I guess is why I'm finding it so hard to understand the problems in advance. But to 'suck it and see' is a little expensive, with P3D.... Although I'm beginning to fear that that may be my only option in the end. Cheers, Brian
  5. brian747

    Knight Aviation finally took the plunge

    That's very helpful, thank you! Unlike some of the stuff I've been reading elsewhere, I might add.... I think that because I'm attempting to reach a balanced view of what's involved by reading a whole slew of Internet posts written by many different people with different experience levels and different agendas, it's hard to get a balanced view of what the problems are likely to be — so it's refreshing to read a clear and succinct statement on this topic. Cheers, Brian
  6. brian747

    Knight Aviation finally took the plunge

    Thanks for the update and the pics — very impressive! — and congratulations on your courage! It looks like you survived the transition very well (is that really P3Dv4 default scenery? Impressive...). Coo: is it really as easy as that? Or does your aircraft have a specifically-made P3Dv4 installer? Having read so many horror stories about people trying desperately to import aircraft and airports (in particular) from FSX into P3Dv4 I'm agreeably surprised. Do keep us updated from time to time on how you're getting on with P3D: it's especially helpful for those of us standing on the edge of the pool, uncertain about how deep the water's going to be.... After all, it's always nice when someone else has done the pioneering.... Cheers, Brian
  7. brian747

    Knight Aviation officially took to the skies.

    OK, so after two whole tours it's a slightly belated welcome to the skies for Knight Aviation, then. It'll be good to folllow your progress here.... Cheers, Brian
  8. brian747

    [2018 Australia & South Pacific] Mid-tour update

    <grin> Well, it's one approach to the problem of moaning pax, that's for sure. Reminds me of the (allegedly true) story of the pilot who got fired from his airline for leaving the cabin (OK, this is an *old* story) wearing sunglasses and tapping his way down the aisle with a white stick. That definitely got their attention.... Cheers, Brian
  9. brian747

    [2018 Australia & South Pacific] Mid-tour update

    Hi Matthew! Great pics, as ever, and an entertaining account of your Tour so far. Like I always say, those who opt to vly without real weather (not to mention real probabilities of malfunctions, typical ATC interference guidance, and other RW factors) are missing a huge part of the fun. So many thanks for your tell-it-as-it-is account, which generated hugely sympathetic smiles (and the occasional sympathetic wince) from me whilst I was reading it. Many thanks for your post: I look forward to the next episode in your continuing saga.... Cheers, Brian
  10. brian747

    [2018 Australia & South Pacific] It begins

    Looking spectacularly good, as always! Thanks for letting us ride along. Cheers, Brian
  11. brian747

    [2017 North America] Tour wrap

    Congratulations on completing the Tour! I think the fun of discovering new airports is a major factor when we vly — as you point out, nice though MSFS 5 was at the time, there ain't no comparison with now! Eye candy has to be a prime motivator for getting to our destination (although the trip itself can sometimes be pretty special, too). Many thanks for the pics, as always. Cheers, Brian
  12. @Mike WW2397 There are a few free utilities that you could choose from. The most popular seems to labour under the ponderous title of "Windowed Borderless Gaming" [freeware — here's a link to the download page], and there are others you could try ("RemoveBorders", etc.). The only snag is that when I moved to a WQHD screen (3,440 pixels wide) Windowed Borderless Gaming and the others stopped working. Grrr.... So what I do now is very simple, I just click on the FSX top border at its lower edge and physically drag it (push it?) upwards until only the tiniest strip of white remains. LowTech, but there you go. As to the rudder trim indicator, I'm not too sure what you mean. All the layouts have been customised for my wide screen, so maybe it's just that particular subframe is viewed "further out" than the rest? (See my "Getting started with PSX Part 1" tutorial for more about subframes: Will has since then produced a tutorial devoted entirely to Layouts, although when I checked it just now the link seems to be broken — if you'd like it please let me know and I'll happily put it on DropBox for you. Cheers, Brian
  13. Thank you — very nice pics! :-) (Right down to the FUEL QTY LOW message). EGLL to YSSY in a 744 is an interesting challenge, that's for sure. Many thanks to WW1000 for suggesting it. Cheers, Brian
  14. @Mike WW2397 My apologies, Mike, I had somehow overlooked your post. 8-0 Well done for getting to grips with the Long Haul Tour so quickly. Owing to various factors I suspect it'll take quite a while before I can complete it! 8-\ I can identify with your comment about the Buc', too. As it happens, my best RAF friend's son flew one in the Gulf War, so I viewed a number of his cockpit video tapes (which was a salutary experience). Although I think his mother was less impressed by the flying skill than she was horrified by the language, but hey.... Cheers, Brian
  15. brian747

    [2017 North America] Mid-tour update

    I have to admit that the Q400 (leaving aside its choice of power plant) does seem like a proper airliner. And Harrry is quite right when he says that Brian's Charter has a Turbine Duke for occasional jobs into short runways, but on the very rare occasions when I take it out I'm never too happy. It's probably something to do with the fact that I still think a condition lever is something my wife uses to style her hair.... > "...a Pause button in real life! Ah, but one day you'll find out that we do have the equivalent of a slo-mo button, at least. It's called ageing. 88-) Cheers, Brian