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  1. brian747

    [2019 Europe] Part 1: Legs 1 to 5

    Spctacular pics, Matthew! Glad you're enjoying Europe 2019. Cheers, Brian
  2. brian747

    fsx p3d now x plane 11

    Hi Adam, and welcome to Worldwid Virtual! Sounds as though you're very happy with your sim. That's always good to hear, so thank you for your recommendations. Here at WV you'll find that people are using various sims from FS9 through to P3Dv4.4 — and, of course, X-P (as you can see from this thread and others, there are many X-P enthusiasts here). Cheers, Brian
  3. brian747

    Saving an Queen of the Skies

    Ah, c'mon Matthew. Little puddle-jumpers can be fun for a quick fling, but I wouldn't want to marry one. Cheers, Brian.
  4. brian747

    Teaser for the 2019 European Tour

    Thanks for that, Pieter — I hope everyone is going to enjoy this particular challenge. <tries but fails to suppress evil cackle> Another factor in the airport's favour is that the designer who built the version that you see in the pics ceased trading, sadly — but then generously donated all their scenery to the community as freeware. This one takes a bit of finding, but it's still out there on the 'net.... And as you see, it works very happily in P3Dv4, too. (There is also a version for X-Plane available, with over 2,000 downloads...). Cheers, Brian
  5. I've been having all sorts of fun over the last couple of months brewing up an interesting collection of airports for next year's European Tour. I've just put the finishing touches to it, so I thought I'd post a few pics of one of the little challenges that will be included, for those who dare. I won't say where the airport is until the Tour comes out, just to keep you in suspense..... It's one of those places where, owing to the presence of some hideously large chunks of rock scattered over the landscape nearby, the runway is significantly offset from the localiser — so you only really have one chance to get it right or it's a go-around. There is an alternative procedure whereby you overfly the runway and then do a circle to land coming back, but I'm too old to wait that long (I'm bound to be desperate for a beer by that point), so I just go for it. And since I can get a 744 in there, you guys'll find it easy-peasy, right? The thing is — you'll have to wait until the Tour comes out to find where the airport is (if you've been there, please don't spoil it for the ones that haven't, let it come as a surprise...). This is the European Tour, remember, so you can forget about Nepal or South America. (Mind you, I have noticed that lil' ol' Europe does have a mountain or three scattered around...). OK, here come the HappySnaps: It wasn't the greatest weather for flying in the region, today. At the end of the descent there's a scenic trip through the mountains as you approach the airport. It's an... "interesting" approach. The runway is in sight (just about). Although we're currently about 20 degrees off the runway centreline.... OK, I'm going for this.... Landing (or maybe crashing, one of the two) imminent. Yup, we're looking good Hah! Not quite on the centreline. But we're down. It isn't a particularly long runway, though. Braaaaakes....! Parked! OK, where's that beer? Cheers, Brian
  6. brian747

    Asia 2018

    That looks like a great tour, Pieter, and those are some great pics! Thanks for sharing them with us. (But as for Lukla, even I have to draw the line somewhere! With a 1,729 ft runway you're looking at STOL or preferably a helicopter for maximum survivability potential, I reckon!) Cheers, Brian
  7. I usually follow along with one or more of the Worldflight trips, although without the "benefit" of Vatsim. This year Worldflight's only UK landfall is at Leeds-Bradford, where the 7,382 ft runway is not the shortest they have to contend with this year, but nonetheless it still requires some care in a Boeing 747-400. Although as luck would have it, (well, my sort of luck anyway) as things turned out I had rather less than that to work with. But I'm getting ahead of myself. It all started when my favourite steed was in for its D check, and afterwards it was evident that a new paint job would be required. [Translation: over in the real world, I had decided to change my puppet aircraft in the scenery generator from the FSX version to a POSKY 744, so I pretty much had to reach for the electronic paintbrush]. Now I hate repainting with a passion, mostly because I do it so rarely that I can never remember how I did it previously and so have to start learning again from scratch (not to mention that it's always a different paint kit anyway), but I felt that a touch of new paint probably wouldn't go amiss, so I gritted my teeth and produced one. Since I have the artistic eye of a Neanderthal there isn't much difference from the old paint (still the same colours and the same overall layout) but I did remember to change the Union flag to the English flag (in view of the fact that these days the Celtic fringe are making noises about going their own way, which is fine by me) hence that was the only change of any significance. Apart from the seasonal touch of a Christmas hat, of course. Anyway, I felt that Worldflight was a good opportunity to give the new paint job a quick trial — so I decided to do a short flight from Heathrow into Leeds-Bradford. The first problem came when I discovered that Worldflight would be landing there some time after 2 a.m. tomorrow morning. Hmm. These days I need what little sleep I can manage to get (between hanging upside down in the wardrobe eating white mice, of course), so sadly I had to discount the possibility of vlying alongside everyone else. Therefore when my wife conveniently announced that she had decided to spend the morning at a bridge competition I decided that now would be the ideal time, albeit a few hours ahead of the Worldflight guys. I always use RW weather, and today's is somewhat problematic and November-ish. It was fairly murky at Heathrow .... .... and up aloft I had to climb through a lot of gunge .... .... before reaching my cruising altitude at FL190. And in the nature of such trivial trips, it wasn't long before I reached ToD and started my descent into Leeds-Bradford. I had (optimistically?) planned to use rwy 32: it has an ILS, which is always reassuring in poor vis conditions, and furthermore there's a nice generous turning circle at the far end. So it was with a familiar feeling of disappointment that I discovered on checking ATIS that the runway is use was rwy 14. <sigh> Life's like that, right? Although it is kinder for local residents in view of noise considerations, I suppose. However, as Britjet pithily puts it in his Route Information Manual for this year's Worldflight, "Approach to Rwy 14 is over the high ground. Ridge 6.5nm out on the approach to Rwy 14 which may give rise to radio altimeter ramping and possibly GPWS activation." (Which it duly did). And "Mast to 262 ft asl at 2nm finals Rwy 14". Oh, and: "ILS 14 – G/P fluctuation may take place between 3.5nm and 1.5nm from the Rwy 14 threshold. Note that the ILS G/S angle is 3.5°", not to mention "The landing thresholds of both Rwy 14 and Rwy 32 are considerably inset". And finally "Many aircrew have commented that the published missed approach procedure is difficult to follow." Right. All good clean fun, then. But the comment that spooked me slightly was this one: "Poor visibility due to industrial haze may occur in settled conditions as well as radiation fog". I always knew that the folk on the wrong side of the Pennines were a bit odd — maybe it's that radiation fog? Otherwise, it's easy-peasy. I've landed my 744 on plenty of runways shorter than this (my landing at Sion was one, although sadly the pics of it in my blog have been lost thanks to Photo-trash-bucket's cessation of free hosting), and the snag with this particular runway is that if I don't stop in time to exit left on taxiway D then I don't know how I'm going to turn round, so that makes the runway even shorter than would otherwise be the case.... Hey ho, and it's time for an approach to runway 14. Given the prevailing weather, the latter stages of this were entirely in cloud, and in fact the runway only became visible disturbingly close to minimums when I was about to press the TOGA button (thank Icarus for RNAV! — although I had my diversion to Manchester ready in RTE 2, just in case). Once on the runway it was time to see just how quickly I could slow the thing down.... ....and happily I was able to achieve 10 kts just in time to negotiate that extremely tight (for a beast that's 744-sized) turn onto taxyway D. All dramas now safely behind me, I blithely cleaned up the aircraft as I taxyed in.... .... even stopping to accord precedence to the minnows. In fact I was so elated that I even achieved a rather more precise parking position than is my norm. It was only after I had shut down the engines and gone looking for the WV ACARS that I discovered that I had forgotten to start it at the beginning of the vlight. <DEEP sigh> (We all do it from time to time, but it still irritates the **** out of me). It serves me right for feeling good about the landing, I suppose. Ah well, there's always another day.... Cheers, Brian
  8. brian747

    Saving an Queen of the Skies

    Looking splendid after the repaint, Pieter! Great pics — I'm sure that you and your new steed are going to be very happy together! Cheers, Brian
  9. brian747


    <grin> It's a good 'un (for its age), and I'm not yet at all tempted to change it — especially since my mobo would probably need to be replaced as well, which means a lot of downtime while I fiddle about getting everything realigned. Life's too short as it is. Cheers, Brian
  10. brian747


    @Knight W Many thanks for that info, which makes a lot of sense. The reason for the question is that I've been considering putting together a totally new sim installation, and planning what I would do differently. My looooong-established FSX setup (which I will retain) is rock solid, but whilst I'm running PSX on the same machine it can't maintain 30 fps at complex airports: since I vly only the 744 I feel that I should be able to do better on the same hardware (i7 6700K @ 4.6GHz, GTX 1070 8Gb, 512Gb M.2 NVMe SSD, 34 inch G-Sync 3440x1440 px) by not installing stuff like Orbx scenery, and using fewer weather and texture add-ons, and less complex mesh. Less is more. At seven miles up fancy scenery is irrelevant anyway, hence this time around I would spend awhile using the default scenery (although complex airports and GSX L2 are must-haves) before gently starting to introduce some add-ons in priority sequence, testing each one for fps impact as I go. So your current situation is particularly relevant for the way I'm currently thinking. I'm in no hurry, and am prepared to take as long as it takes when the time comes to installing things to get the result I'm aiming for (I'll report back to the forum when the process is complete, but I fully expect that to be in 2019). Oh, and Trooper is bang on the money — turn off crash detection. Real simmers tend not to vly into buildings or bounce down the runway, anyway — that's gamer territory. Cheers, Brian
  11. brian747


    Well it sure is looking good, and it's great to hear that you're happy with the change! Good news indeed: to put that into context could you please tell us what aircraft you are using, and what scenery (i.e default, Orbx, whatever), along with your CPU and GPU? It's just that, as a survivor of many sim versions over the decades, I am a little wary of quoted rates soon after the sim is first installed, since they do tend to take a nosedive once more and more add-ons get into the act. TIA, Cheers, Brian
  12. brian747

    Knight Aviation finally took the plunge

    Thanks for that, harrry — I've heard that said, too. But it seems that different people have different experiences in this area, which I guess is why I'm finding it so hard to understand the problems in advance. But to 'suck it and see' is a little expensive, with P3D.... Although I'm beginning to fear that that may be my only option in the end. Cheers, Brian
  13. brian747

    Knight Aviation finally took the plunge

    That's very helpful, thank you! Unlike some of the stuff I've been reading elsewhere, I might add.... I think that because I'm attempting to reach a balanced view of what's involved by reading a whole slew of Internet posts written by many different people with different experience levels and different agendas, it's hard to get a balanced view of what the problems are likely to be — so it's refreshing to read a clear and succinct statement on this topic. Cheers, Brian
  14. brian747

    Knight Aviation finally took the plunge

    Thanks for the update and the pics — very impressive! — and congratulations on your courage! It looks like you survived the transition very well (is that really P3Dv4 default scenery? Impressive...). Coo: is it really as easy as that? Or does your aircraft have a specifically-made P3Dv4 installer? Having read so many horror stories about people trying desperately to import aircraft and airports (in particular) from FSX into P3Dv4 I'm agreeably surprised. Do keep us updated from time to time on how you're getting on with P3D: it's especially helpful for those of us standing on the edge of the pool, uncertain about how deep the water's going to be.... After all, it's always nice when someone else has done the pioneering.... Cheers, Brian
  15. brian747

    Knight Aviation officially took to the skies.

    OK, so after two whole tours it's a slightly belated welcome to the skies for Knight Aviation, then. It'll be good to folllow your progress here.... Cheers, Brian