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    A bit of a SNAFU here in DAOB. Apparently, someone smuggled some illegal items on board resulting in my aircraft being seized. In order to keep business moving I had to work a few jobs and take care of a few things I'd probably be arrested for BUT it got me enough funding to grab a Commander 114. Take a look at this pile.... Well, THAT was certainly an adventure. After getting this aircraft if it can even be called that airborne the flight was rather uneventful until approach when the right gear only came down: I made it! The other gear finally responded after I had to give it a little brute force. The landing was rated "OK" by AH2 however after that nonsense I'll take it. Cosmetics delivered to Algeria gaining me $8255 in the box which isn't too bad. I have to do something, I refuse to take another flight in this since there is a good chance I won't make it. My Rep is too low to take out a loan and I cannot afford another C90 so I'll have to find something. I'd rather walk. GREAT NEWS! Two things happened I just wasn't prepared for. 1) I found a collector of Commanders... (why?) who paid me well over $100k for this thing... Sucker. 2) A PA32 was for sale, albeit she needs work... a lot and I was able to secure that aircraft. Even so it is waaaay better than that Commander. Now, I still have some change left over in the account. Riding $62k in the box. This area... ;/... Nothing illegal for me thanks.. I think I'll take the safe bet of DVDs heading towards Morocco! Maybe we will get lucky with some extra Commodities heading that way. Sweet! If I max out that really wipes my bank account down. Especially if something happens. Well, I guess I'll just have to take the chance! Hopefully, it pays off. She needs a detailing and some major repairs but it is still better than the Commander! After the job delivering DVDs and the chance at the commodities our yield for this job came to $7200 after Fuel and Fees. Not too bad and not in a death trap of an aircraft. Going to spend $1500 on repairs brining my General Condition up to 68%. Every little bit helps at this point. A few more successful jobs and soft landings I can get this puppy back up to fighting weight! Our rep is now up to 28.5: After the past few days of hectic travel and questionable duties to get by I feel pretty good. Right now we are left with $67,268 in the box and not sure what jobs will be coming up. STAY TUNED!
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    Visiting Saanen / LSGK in Switzerland

    Always take such nice pictures!
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    Departure: DTTJ - Djerba–Zarzis International Airport - 0924Z - 27 Arrival: LSGG - Geneva Cointrin International Airport - 1221Z - ILS04 A nice morning flight to Geneva, marred only by Approach Controllers in Geneva who thought that I could intercept the ILS from a 335 deg. turn. Fortunately said Controller got removed, and replaced by someone more competent, for a decent approach and smooth landing the second time around. The clients didn't even comment on the go-around, but they are not the friendliest, and were probably too buried in their devices to even notice. One of them, some sort of physics professor/scientist, is giving a speech at a conference this afternoon, then we will depart late afternoon/early evening for Maastricht. This will be our nightstop, and where we will spend the rest of tomorrow as the clients are attending a conference, and we will depart on schedule the next day to Bergen.