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      We have just released the next alpha version of the new website and this one is a HUUUUGE release. Schedules search is complete, you can now add, view and remove bookings and a heap of pages have been added. Visit http://new.worldwidevirtual.net to check it out. As always the more feedback we get, the better the new website will be.

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  2. The Mountain State

    Nice pics (again)! :-) And nearly half-way through — this is going to be a great accomplishment by the time you're finished. Cheers, Brian
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  4. The Mountain State

    After a short break, my adventure continued into West Virginia. West Virginia is the 10th smallest state by land area and the 38th in terms of population. It also apparently has the second lowest household income of the 50 states. My flight today was to take me from Capital City, in Kentucky to Yeager Airport about 2 miles from downtown Charleston, the capital of West Virginia... Take off from Yeager Airport...there are clouds afoot. Cloud base seems to be lowering... White out...in the clouds There be Charleston down there with Yeager Airport just visible too. A fairly uneventful flight and finals into Yeager Airport. Taxing past the terminal Parked up at Yeager Airport Charleston is the capital and most populous city in West Virginia with 50,821 residents. It does not rank in the top 300 US cities in terms of population however. 23 capitals done, 27 to go...the other Virginia up next...
  5. I have not been flying much the last two month's.  Had eye surgery on both eyes, all is getting well now. Best wishes to Mike Terrill (flaps) in is fight with cancer.

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  7. Owing to the Chinese Government's obsession with not releasing accurate geographical data, in the past many Chinese airports were not well aligned within FSX. However, that situation is changing a little with more airports becoming available from both freeware and payware sources. The link from which I obtained a lot of Chinese freeware airports is, at the time of writing this, still live: it is https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=50AE824C8BE4EAE4&id=50AE824C8BE4EAE4!108 As in all cases concerning freeware Chinese airports, some versions may be for FS9, so you need to take that into account: I suspect P3D versions would probably need to be converted. Furthermore, not all those airports have charts available — in particular I haven't found any for ZUBD, ZUZH, ZPWS, ZSBN, or Z24D. In the AvSim library there are some Chinese airports to be found, although the (FS9) version caveat still applies; and of course there are a number of airports (some allegedly P3D) at http://www.freewarescenery.com/fsx/china.html In the payware realm Skysoft, Bridge, and Dazzle seem to be the most active (try searching SimMarket — IIRC both of the airports I used for this trip were payware). Oh, and the official Chinese conversion table for meters to feet can be found at https://ivao.aero/flightops/divprocedures.php?id=CN As always, Google is your friend, although while searching I would recommend using a time filter to hide the older versions. ;-) Using the Chrome browser makes it very easy to translate any pages in Mandarin Chinese that you may encounter during the process, too. Cheers, Brian
  8. Nice flight Brian. What scenery were you using?
  9. I decided to do a trip totally within Chinese airspace, especially given the aggressive programme of airport building that is currently going on in China. Air traffic there is controlled by the military — also, all altitude clearances from ATC are given in meters, but the Chinese have devised their own special Metres to Feet conversion table which seems to assumes that 300 metres is equivalent to 1000 ft <gulp> and which must be used by all aircraft for conversion. (IRL, another consequence of the fact that the country’s airspace is largely controlled by the military is that they leave little room for civilian aircraft even as the domestic airline industry is booming, so that the airways are chronically congested and delays are frequent. Happily, that doesn't affect simmers). The trip started at Lhasa, Tibet (ZULS) and ended at Sanya "Phoenix International" (ZJSY) — here's the map: as you can see a ground distance of 1211 nm became an air distance of 1603 nm.... The take-off was not entirely without interest. At an elevation of 11,713 ft Lhasa Gonggar airport (ZULS) is among the highest airports in the world (see the list at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_highest_airports ). Only aircraft that have been specially adapted to be able to land and take off at such high altitudes (and whose pilots have been specially trained) can use it — fortunately the Brian's Charter 744 has received such modification. Even so, I used nearly every inch of the available 13,123 feet of runway for my take-off, and then climbed gently and with extreme care, since the thin air at that altitude doesn't provide as much lift (and, of course, the engines don't provide as much thrust) as at a normal airport, either. Just for interest, I had previously tried the Microsoft trike at ZULS, and sure enough it was unable to get off the ground. With the surrounding terrain being somewhat inhospitable (!!), it pays not to stall when climbing away from Lhasa Gonggar! Fast forward to the end of the cruise, which included a couple of step climbs, and here you find me approaching the ToD. And here are some parts of the instrument panel at the start of the descent. After the cold snowy peaks of Tibet, the shores of the South China Sea provided a more welcoming appearance. Sanya airport is at the southern tip of Hainan, the southernmost province of China. Unlike ZULS, Sanya Phoenix airport presents a routine challenge when it comes to landing a 747-400, since its 11,155 ft runway is located at an elevation of just 95 ft. In 2016 the airport handled over 17 million passengers. Here are a few shots of the approach and landing — And soon after that I was shutting the aircraft down at gate 6. OK, now for the trip back — the approach into Lhasa Gonggar is "interesting", to say the least. ;-) B.
  10. By Randy

  11. The Bluegrass State

    Having been a member of Aero clubs in both Port Moresby and Darwin I believe you.
  12. The Bluegrass State

    Oh I don't know, flying with just me and one keg next to me is possible...hic!
  13. The Bluegrass State

    Thanks Brian. I think I probably have gone through a keg so far on this tour. Always wise to keep refreshed! Nearly half way.....
  14. The Bluegrass State

    Light aircraft have trouble handling kegs....now 747s are different.
  15. The Bluegrass State

    <grin> Your tour continues to be visually impressive! :-) Good luck for the next leg(s). Cheers, Brian P.S. (Oops, I'd originally mistyped "legs" as "kegs". Seemed a shame to have to correct it — but that, too). 8-)
  16. The Bluegrass State

    A picture paints a thousand words so I'll let the screenshots do most of the talking on this update and my flight from Nashville to the capital of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Frankfort. Take off from Nashville International Airport - downtown in distance. There be downtown Nashville back there Clouds and mist beginning to develop Proper instrument flying now... Nearing Frankfort and the cloud is thinning thank goodness Approaching Frankfort and its airport, the aptly named Capital City Airport. (KFFT) Bit low as I approach the threshold The trusty Cessna tucked up for the night So, here we are in Kentucky. The 15th state to join the Union, ranking as 37th in geographic size and 26th most populous. Frankfort, the capitol is the 4th smallest capital in the US in terms of population weighing in at 25,527 in 2010. Louisville is the biggest city in Kentucky with Frankfort some way behind in 14th. In terms of my trip, I've now visited 22 state capitals with 28 ahead of me. Halfway is within shouting distance.... I think I'll have a go at the Charleston next...
  17. Dudley's Screenshots

  18. Happy Birthday Casey, and clear sky ahead.

  19. The Volunteer State

    After a few days in Jefferson City it was time to head south west into Tennessee. Nashville is the capital and I understand there is a bit of music heritage in that area so appropriate background music was selected. I decided to take off in the wee hours. The only issue, as a result, was it was dark and the lighting wasn't great. So the taxi to the runway, although short, was a bit too exciting and I think I went round in circles before I found my way... Thank goodness, a sign ........I'm sure I've been here before... A taxiway at last... Finally on the runway - time to take off After take off there was not much to see for a while as it was pitch black and not many cities along my flight path, though I thought I could see St Louis in the distance at one point. The light began to get better and I saw I was flying in some early morning cloud. A foggy, cloudy early morning... A bit wet and misty over Tennessee The weather cleared as I approached the capital with blue skys threatening to break out... before a simple landing into Nashville International Airport (KBNA) Proper daylight but with some haze Approaching Nashville Finals into runway 13 KBNA Safely shut down and tied down at KBNA Nashville is the capital and largest city in Tennessee. It has a population of 660,388 making it the 24th largest city in the US. Tennessee is the 36th largest and the 16th most populous state of the Union. Kentucky up next...
  20. Mike T

  21. 2017-9-3_12-22-15-324.jpg

    Good photo of a Cat, Thanks
  22. The Show Me State

    Time to head further east into Missouri. Also time to fire up P3D v4 again for this flight and take the Beechcraft Bonanza up for a spin. Clear weather with not a cloud in the sky as I prepared for take off Topeka for a 0630hrs take off. Taxing under a clear early morning sky at Forbes Field After take off I turned east on a flight path that would take me past Kansas City, just to my south, heading into Missouri. The weather became more cloudy as went through central Missouri but cleared again for a straight forward landing into Jefferson City Memorial Airport (KJEF). Kansas City is off to my right somewhere - and the river marks the Missouri state border Cloud starting to build as I go further into Missouri REX and ASN in P3D for clouds and weather - looks pretty good to me Superb volumetric clouds afoot Bit of a cross wind on approach into runway 30 at KJEF Jefferson City is the 15th largest city in the state with a population of around 43,000 people. Bizzarely, Jefferson City is apparently known as 'Jeff' by many in the area. The capital is named after the third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson and in 2013 was judged as America's "Most Beautiful Small Town" by certain pundits. Wider Missouri is the 18th most populous (about 6 million residents) and the 21st most extensive in area. So with a visit to Jefferson City done, that's 20 states down and 30 to go. Nashville beckons...
  23. The Sunflower State

    A rapid update this for a relatively rapid flight. I took off from a short stop over in Lincoln, Nebraska for the 125 mile flight almost due south into Kansas and its capital city of Topeka. I think I may have vexed ATC around Lincoln airport with some artistic flying on take off (still getting used to the Real Experience Pack). Artistic flying after take off from Lincoln Airport - lovely clear weather for it though Lincoln Airport in all its glory - if you look closely, you might see some very angry ATC staff shaking their fists at me - oops! Downtown Lincoln, Nebraska Weather was clear and not much to speak of during the flight (I have been lucky so far with it). After an uneventful flight I did a GPS approach into runway 21 at Topeka Regional Airport, formerly known as Forbes Field (KFOE). Getting lined up with runway 21 at Topeka Regional Not far to go now... Topeka, aside from being the state capital, is the fifth largest city in Kansas with a population of about 127,000. Nationwide, Topeka ranks as the 217th largest city in terms of population. Apparently the name 'Topeka' comes from Kansa-Osage language meaning "Place where we dug potatoes". Kansas became the 34th State to be admitted the Union in 1861 with Topeka being chosen as the capital a short time later. So with Topeka visited, that's 19 state capitals completed. Just 31 to go... Missouri up next.
  24. The Cornhusker State

    It felt like I was never going to get to the runway! Huge airport! Thanks for the feedback, really enjoying the trip and glad you are enjoying my ramblings. I have an idea for an even more ridiculous adventure in the pipeline but must keep focused on getting this one done first! Cheers L
  25. Happy Birthday Arthur !!

  26. The Cornhusker State

    Good pics and a nice flight! :-) (Did it take you longer to taxi to the threshold than it did for the flight itself?) ;-) I'm enjoying your series — and thanks for the snippets of information, too. Cheers, Brian
  27. 2017-9-3_15-5-25-476.jpg

    Landing Sitka USCG
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