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  3. Looks like a nice gig you got going there.Scenery is gorgeous by the way.
  4. <grin> Thank you, harrry. But.... Well <*cough*> — confession time. The paint kit for the default X-Plane 744 is the nastiest I have ever dealt with. The vertical stabilizer has to be painted in six separate pieces, and the fuselage in four. My rudimentary painting skills completely failed to be able to match up a horizontal stripe extending all the way along the fuselage, for example, and when it came to the tail there was no hope whatsoever — so a whole new livery variation was needed. Even the lettering proved to be a challenge, since when applied in a paint program in a straight line it appears curved in X-Plane thanks to the modelling of the bulges in the shape of the fuse. So what you see is the result of messing about deforming the line of letters into an arc in the paint program (and I still can't get it quite right). Since I'm now running PSX on my secondary machine with the panels extended over two screens, the main display on the scenery generator machine spends nearly all its time in Captain's cockpit view mode, for reasons you will understand....
  5. You really have updated the livery. .......like the red go faster stripes.
  6. Thank you, everyone, for your kind comments! @Ken They came as a delightful surprise to me too, Ken. Definitely the sea colours I saw while flying around the Central America region in my RAF days. I'm only just starting out with X-P, and spent a while getting the colour balance right (for example, by default it sets the haze to 25 miles, which is OK if you're vlying VFR I suppose, but pretty useless for those of us who spend most of our time at FL350+). But seeing runways that aren't peculiarly and artificially flat also came as a huge relief (especially in view of the fact that PSX uses a professional nav database that models the RW non-flat runways) — and as for the night lighting, well it's far better than anything that P3Dv4 could ever do, even with the addition of the ultra-expensive "Black Marble" add-on. @WW8302 <grin> For me it's the other way round, of course. So rather than go for the Ortho stuff I've opted for HD Mesh instead (not the UHD variety, though, that's just too RAM-greedy). I have far too much investment in P3Dv4 to ever abandon it, but I'm beginning to think that in terms of eye-candy I'm going to be using X-Plane for my more scenic trips.
  7. Thank you for your kind comments, gentlemen. I suppose I've always been a truckie at heart. In fact, I only became "brian747" when my interest in 744s totally consolidated into an obsession at the time when I was writing the "Big Tutorial" for PS1, over twenty years ago — but prior to that my net-name was always "LongHaul" (for reasons which you now understand). Ah well, each to their own, and all that jazz....
  8. Really nice post Brian, I enjoyed reading it. I love flying GA in X-Plane... haven't really tried any airliners yet, I don't fly that many anyway. -Dave
  9. Great post.... Love it!! -Dave
  10. A storied ole bird, great job on the repaint
  11. Really sweet graphics here! Love the turquoise to jade green water transitions.
  12. Informative as always Brian. Certainly a lot more cargo flying at WW then there used to be.
  13. That's quite a tap sir,kudos for that. great documentation!
  14. Here in England it seems to have been raining for weeks. In fact, it mostly has been, especially in parts of the Midlands which have been badly hit by floods in consequence. So I felt like a little virtual sunshine to cheer me up, and this little job was just the thing — ferrying some happy holidaymakers from Montego Bay, Jamaica, to St. Maarten — a run across the Caribbean of just over 800 miles. This was also my first serious trip using X-Plane as my scenery generator rather than P3Dv4 — PSX can drive a puppet aircraft in either sim. It took me a little while to get rid of the slightly washed-out look that I got from fresh-from-the-proverbial-box X-Plane, but you'll be able to tell from these unretouched screenshots whether I succeeded or not. Another purpose of the trip was to have a look at the quality of the airports — I still find it hard to believe just how many high quality airports you can download for free in X-Plane, such as this excellent rendering of St. Maarten (a free download by "Wingman1967" on the amazing X-Plane.org site). I was feeling decidedly cheered up after the trip, so I am cautiously optimistic that X-Plane is going to be a permanent resident on one of my SSDs. But judge for yourself (whilst all these pics have been reduced from 3440x1440 pixels down to 1200 pixels wide to save bandwidth, they have not otherwise been tweaked in any way). Cheers, Brian 01. Montego Bay rwy 25 1200px.jpg 02. Jamaica farewell (and other songs) 1200px.jpg 03. Climb-out 1200px.jpg 04. Pax wndow view 1200px.jpg 05. About to cross the island west to east 1200px.jpg 06. Heading inland 1200px.jpg 07 Now headed for the Dominican Republic 1200px.jpg 08. Cruising at FL410 1200px.jpg 09. Passing Puerto Rico and starting to descend 1200px.jpg 10. Turning towards the St Maarten runway 1200px.jpg 11. Wheels down for the tricky bit 1200px.jpg 12. A slightly early touchdown is good here 1200px.jpg 13. A good test for the carbon brakes 1200px.jpg 14. Arrived at the gate 1200px.jpg 1S. Shut down - mine's a rum punch! 1200px.jpg
  15. Thanks Jus I obviously forgot what section I was in.
  16. I don’t think signatures are supposed to show in the Blogs section. I like the calendar idea as well! Jus
  17. Maybe we could start a 2020 WWV calendar with pictures of old birds. lol Just noticed where have all the signatures gone!
  18. Just saw I totally missed spelled Douglas up there but it is fixed.....note to self: do not post stuff in a haste and carefully re-read before posting.
  19. You are absolutely correct, as a matter of fact when we fly her she is costing us money. She is helping to preserve history and her main role is historical flights and tax deduction purpose only. Oops did I said tax deduction purpose out loud......
  20. She's looking good for an old bird, Pieter! Although with a vlight of 188 nm taking 1 hour and 23 minutes, I don't think she'll be adding a lot to the Knight Aviation revenue stream.... But hey — every man needs his hobbies, right? Have fun, Cheers, Brian
  21. Knight Aviation always wanted to start a new division called Knight Aviation Historical since Knight got hold of a Grumman Goose G21A when the Cape Town City Council contacted Knight to hear if he could help with removing a Goose just floating in the harbour and none of their pilots they hired could get her to start. He said yes if they will pay us, and they agreed. When we got the Goose back to KA Hangers we soon discovered that the Engines were newly overhauled and the Airframe newly redone. So why did she not want to start? So we called up some of the old timers we knew and finally got hold of a manual for the Goose. She fired up the first time when we followed the startup procedure and it turned out that none of the new generation pilots knew how to start her (probably because there are no TV screens in the cockpit). Soon she was back in the skies where she belongs. More recently Knight got a call from his friend @JusVonSchott that told him about a raffle that a company was running to help raise money for men wanting to flee their houses for a week and go to Oshkosh. They Raffled off one of their old Aircraft no longer in use for quite some time now and they could not even remember who was the last crew that flew her or when and who bought her. They think the name Uncle Sam rings a bell, who ever that was. It was a Douglas C-47/DC3 and that is all they knew about this aircraft that stood in their hanger in the corner now for so many years. Knight bought a ticket and thought no more about it. Then the phone rung and the voice on the other side wanted to know how we are planning to move our newly won C47 out of their hanger? We were all so excited and Knight immediately called another friend he knew flies Cargo to there from the UK and asked if he will help dismantling the C47 and fly it over to the UK where KA's 747-400 could pick it up and fly it to its new home, FACT Cape Town. @Richard of Fusion Cargo agreed and a week later our C-47 was in our hanger. We used the money we got from Cape Town City Council to assemble and repair where needed the airframe, and overhaul those two big radials. We gave her a fresh paint job back to her original paint with the added Knight Aviation decals. Now the next challenge was to find an Instructor old enough that still have this bird on his rating for Knight and a co-pilot to do a conversion, luckily we found one that is still active and soon we started our conversion over the skies of Cape Town On 16 October 2019 the first official Knight Aviation Historical flight took place from Cape Town FACT to George FAGG with the new old C-47/DC3 of Knight Aviation Historical. The flight of a merely 188NM took no less than 1hr 23 minutes, but was that a joyful 1hr23min. Here is the newly painted C-47 named Melisa, with her KA Decals.
  22. Thank you, Brian, that's very interesting. (And that's a superb model of the -8F, too). Atlas have certainly got their fingers in many pies. Going back to Polar Air Cargo for a moment (along with Cargolux they're a long-time favourite of mine since the days of PS1, two <*cough*> decades ago), in addition to their seven -400Fs (which is where Brian's Charter helps out, occasionally) they also have six -8Fs — which attract the side-comment "Operated by Atlas Air for DHL Express". The cargo world seems to be a much more cooperative place than the overcrowded pax market.... Hmm, come to think of it I don't know of a P3Dv4 Bangkok, either (which seems a curious omission ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ — it's a long shot, but I wonder whether the old AA Sceneries version might work in P3Dv4?), but I have used the ImagineSim version of Shanghai Pudong, although not for a while so I can't recall what it was like. (The brain, it crumbles...). If you're interested, let me know and I'll happily fire it up and send you a few pics. Keep on truckin' (and all that jazz), Cheers, Brian P.S. As you can see, the Brian's Charter hub here at Farnborough is definitely a truckie-friendly place:
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