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  5. No credit to me, I'm afraid — although I have done very occasional paints myself I have to start from scratch each time and it's a very painful process, so when I moved to using the iFly 747 as my PSX puppet a talented friend of mine created the paint as a birthday present for me (please don't count the number of stars on the tail!). ;-) Cheers, Brian
  6. Love that custom livery you got there!
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  9. [2017 Europe] It begins

    You have tried it then! :-)
  10. [2017 Europe] It begins

    You forgot to drop the flaps just as you throw the bank on.
  11. [2017 Europe] It begins

    I have just embarked on the Europe Tour myself, my first tour for a long I am ashamed to say. Mike
  12. [2017 Europe] It begins

    Come on Harry, haven't you ever done a wing-over in a 747? ....reduce the power to LOW, lots of bank angle, full rudder and then crank in those noise makers and make them work hard :-) Don't forget to lift the nose. It works in a C172 with just one noisy machine! :-)
  13. The Mountain State

    Yeah, that "real life" thing is definitely a nuisance, I've found. However, you said "I'll keep going!", and that's surely the key. Wasn't it Calvin Coolidge who's quoted as saying — “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan Press On! has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.” So there you go. :-) Cheers, Brian
  14. Old Dominion

    So after a break of a few weeks due to commitments in the real world, I have managed to wedge in some time for an update on progress. A relatively short flight from Yeager Airport to Richmond International Airport (KRIC) for a visit to the state capital of Virginia. Virginia is known as the 'Old Dominion' due to its status as the first English colonial possession established in mainland North America, and also "Mother of Presidents" because eight US Presidents were born there, more than any other state. Richmond, the state capital had an estimated population in 2016 of 223,170 making it the fourth most populous city in the state. In terms of the nation and population, Richmond ranks the 98th largest city. The James River which flows through Richmond (and which I flew over - see below) is the 12th longest in the United States that remains entirely within a single state. So without further ado the following pictures plot my flight: Take off from Yeager Airport. I've been directed to do a loop of the airport before heading on my outbound vector. Not sure why... Going past Yaeger Airport. Bye bye Charleston. Beautiful landscape in this part of the US. Forests and ridged hills/mountains. What a day for flying... The James River Finals into Richmond International Airport Taxing in to the GA area. Nice flight. So with Richmond under my belt, thats 24 of 50 states visited. Just under half. Time to point the plane north next with Maryland up next. Until next time....
  15. The Mountain State

    Thanks Brian. Had to take a short break for a while due to real life commitments but I'll keep going!
  16. [2017 Europe] It begins

    <GRIN> Brilliant! B.
  17. [2017 Europe] It begins

    Ah, yes I know what you mean. But thanks to the help of the WWV air-to-air refuelling service, the little Legacy did that leg without missing a beat.
  18. [2017 Europe] It begins

    Indeed she does. In fact, 'twas one of my better landings of late if I do say so myself
  19. [2017 Europe] It begins

    Remember when it comes round the mountain to line up with that blind runway that puddle jumper turns quicker than a 747
  20. [2017 Europe] It begins

    It's looking good already. Enjoy! (I need hardly say that like everything else at WV, you are totally free and a 747 is definitely not required). :-) Hmm... although having said that, you do have a leg coming up soon that might stretch your little puddle-jumper somewhat....? ;-) Cheers, Brian
  21. [2017 Europe] It begins

    Have a great trip......
  22. [2017 Europe] It begins

    If there is one region I have neglected to explore properly in all these years of simming, it is Europe. What better way to address this oversight than by doing a WWV tour - Europe 2017 to be precise, compiled by the one and only brian747 no less! From what I understand, Europe 2017 was put together so that it would be suitable for 747 size aircraft. Naturally, this means I'm going to fly something that would fit inside the cockpit of a 74. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Lancair Legacy. One of flight sims funnest birds, RealAir's Legacy is one of my 'go-to' aircraft when I was just want to punch holes in the sky. It's the type of aircraft that I would build for myself if (1) I had more than 4 cents in the bank and (2) could build an aircraft. While she's a quick bird, she's got limited range, which naturally makes her perfect for a WWV tour. Not! 2017 Europe begins at Stansted and takes us to Dublin. It's a cloudy old day in the Old Dart, but a bit of ORBXness is visible enroute. Approaching EIDW, I catch a glimpse of a golf course - one of many to be found in this part of the world. On approach to runway 28. One leg complete, 24 to go. The next post will be a mid-tour update. Until then!
  23. MT

    Different pics and forms
  24. [2017 Asia] Tour Wrap

    Thanks Brian. Definitely enjoying 2017 Europe so far. Rotterdam presents no problem for the 'toy' that I'm flying
  25. [2017 Asia] Tour Wrap

    Congratulations, and well done! :-D That's entirely in the spirit of WorldWide Virtual. :-) I hope you'll enjoy the European Tour, too. (Depending on what aircraft you're flying into Rotterdam you might like to check out my comment here). ;-) Cheers, Brian
  26. [2017 Asia] Tour Wrap

    Right. That didn't go according to plan. What started out as a fling with Connie, ended up as a schizophrenic dash across the Asian continent in 4 different aircraft and 3 different simulators. But, dear readers, the Asia 2017 tour is complete. Connie is a lovely old girl, but her ancient autopilot struggled to keep the blue side up as we rocked and rolled across southern Asia. Views like the one below were a common occurrence. While I enjoy a bit of inverted flight, my crew and passengers did not - and expressed their fear in no uncertain terms. After being reported by the crew for reckless aviating, I was removed from active duty aboard Connie and left stranded on the subcontinent without a ride. I grabbed the right seat on a Q400 for one leg, landing in visibility that made reaching the runway a genuine lottery. Luck was on my side that day, but with a PC struggling to render frames above single digits, I decided not to push it any further. A change of sim was in order and back to X-Plane 10 we went. The Epic E1000 took me to places I've never heard of. All was going well, but boredom was starting to seep in to my experience, so a further change was in order. I decided to give X-Plane 11 another try. And if you're going to make a change, you might as well go 'all in', so I grabbed the v1.2 update to the IXEG 737, grabbed an adventurous (and discreet) crew and continued southbound. The remaining legs were flown in XP11, mostly without incident, although with frequent stutters on my ailing rig. I did find myself getting bored after a couple of flights in the Classic, so reverted back to the E1000 for the last few legs. Pictures don't do XP11 justice when it comes to the night lighting. Just lovely. And not a bad hand-flown ILS approach, if I do say so myself. Anyway....the 2017 Asia tour is done. 2017 Europe has started, in an aircraft unsuitable for the task. Of course. But that's for another post.

    happy birthday, cheers.


  28. The Shaky Isles (by WW9731)

    A collection of screenshots from my love affair with virtual flying in New Zealand. In P3D, the birds of choice are RealAir's Turbine Duke and Lancair Legacy. In X-Plane, it's the Epic E1000 from Aerobask and the IXEG 737.
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