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    Great shots Greg.
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  5. 2017 North America Flt 17055

    mice vids. Good to see you again.
  6. 2017 North America Flt 17055

    Sorry, Haven't been blogging for awhile. Some new treatments I've been going thru have left me without a lot of energy. Keeping my flight hours up has been the priority. But with starting to settle a little and feeling better, it's time to get back to it. Picking back up and dropping into the 2017 North America Tour. This is the 6th leg of the tour; Montreal, Canada to Charlottetown, Canada. It's one of the longer legs with 448 nm. Feeling like a little adventure these days, I've chosen to do this tour in a Cessna T303 Crusader. Of course this is going to make things a little longer, but with about 100 hours to go for Senior Captain, that works for me. LOL The guide has this leg at 1 hr and 16 min but all in it took 2 hrs and 50 min. Doing much better with " simming " and not just playing around I was able to do the entire flight from the VC without pausing and a landing rate of -157 fpm. Unfortunately I didn't decide to blog until halfway into the flight so I don't have any screen shots from the beginning of the flight. Looking out the wind screen Starting to run into some weather....... Nice right side view Taxiing In Welcome to Charlottetown !!!
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  8. pc24

    pilatus shots
  9. [2017 Asia] Back in the saddle with Connie

    A man after my own heart - I still refer to YSSY as Mascot and probably always will. And yeah, gorgeous bird the Connie.
  10. Desert Everywhere...

    Great post mate. I was a semi-regular visitor to SLC back in the day. Onwards to Wyoming!
  11. my-flights-ww.PNG

    cheers didn't noticed it until you told me lol
  12. Desert Everywhere...

    I have been amazed at the variation of what I see outside my virtual cockpit during my adventure. This trip to Salt Lake City in Utah was no exception. Hot, endless and sand are a few words that spring to mind. This was also going to be one of my longest legs with 369 miles to fly. It was also my 'coldest' start so far, taking off from Carson City with a cool 10 degrees centigrade showing on the instruments. Probably due to the altitude of the airport and the early start of 0630 hours. Take off from KCXP The initial bit of the flight taxed my trusty cessna a bit. Already at a hight altitude in the mountains with further high ground aroud me but we managed it. I turned north east for a while before heading east over the mostly empty space of Nevada. After flying some time over the rocky and craggy land that makes up Neveda I crossed the border into Utah and almost immedietly entered the endless flat sands of the Great Salt Lake Desert... The Great Salt Lake Desert This desert is massive but eventually I could see the water of the Great Salt Lake... The Great Salt Lake...not too far to go now I was going to approach KSLC from the north which entailed flying towards the Wasatch Range before turning right to approach my destination... Wasatch Range ahead....KSLC off to my right ... and there is KSLC I managed a safe and sound landing at the major airport that is KSLC. Salt Lake City has a population of 193,744, making it the largest city in Utah as well as the capital. It ranks as 123rd in size amongst cities across the USA. Amazing to think a major metropolitan area has grown up in such a hot and arid area. A short stop over in Salt Lake City before heading east again. Wyoming up next....
  13. my-flights-ww.PNG

    LOL! Hey Isabella congratulations on earning your SECOND OFFICER stripe! Way to go! Jus
  14. my-flights-ww.PNG

    very nice at least you got time don't you work at all? lol
  15. my-flights-ww.PNG

    Would love to see an update of this Greg! Jus
  16. [2017 Asia] Back in the saddle with Connie

    I remember those coming in low over Mascot (YSSY) when I was young and thinking how beautiful they were.
  17. [2017 Asia] Back in the saddle with Connie

    Now that sounds like a plan with plenty of challenges to keep a virtual pilot on his toes. Did I read that ORBX released their South America scenery recently?
  18. [2017 Asia] Back in the saddle with Connie

    Awesome stuff! Long live the Connie! After the FSDT tour I was thinking of doing the South American Tour with props only.
  19. After a lengthy absence from the touring life, not to mention blogging, this old bastard has once again jumped back in to the left seat. My postponed 2017 Asia tour resumes with a flight from Sumatra, Indonesia to Samui, Thailand. While the first few legs were flown in X-Plane 10, flying the E1000, I have returned to P3D v3 in recent times and it is that platform that will provide yours truly with the opportunity to complete this adventure, flying the delightful L049 Constellation by A2A Simulations. The Connie is one of those aircraft that steals your heart and never gives it back. If life had punished blessed me with another daughter, I think she may have been named Connie, such is my affection for this old gal. It is an aircraft that deserved the A2A treatment and they have delivered their finest work in my opinion. Time to board our virtual pax, with our 'sweetheart' Betty doing the honours at the top of the stairs. When this bird loads into the sim, you hear the crew exchanges pleasantries and one of my flights had the Captain saying 'Hello sweetheart' to Betty. She didn't take offence, because none was intended! Ah, how I long for these simpler times... FTX Global for the textures, REX for the clouds and the PTA tool for the shaders. Still not sure if I like the PTA thing as I'm not a heavy tweaker. I will experiment with it during this tour and reserve judgement for later. Beautiful modelling inside and out by the guys at A2A. I didn't capture many screenshots during this flight because...to be honest...there wasn't much to see. Here's a couple from the final stages as I turned off the autopilot. I won't blog every flight on the tour, but will check back in every now and again with a progress update. Until next time
  20. Happy Birthday Mate



  21. The Golden State

    I guess it depends first of all on what you are using to save them — and of course, the sim's screen size that you are saving. If you have an old copy of Photoshop you can use the "Save to web" option which reduces to web colours only, with a corresponding reduction in size. (I would guess that Gimp and others might have something similar, although I've never looked). Or you could take the old-fashioned approach, and save your pictures to PostImage.org or one of the free image hosting sites — and then post simply the link, which takes very little space on the WV server. It all depends on the combination that works best for you. :-) Cheers, Brian
  22. Quick update on a short 92 mile flight from Sacramento to Carson City the capital of Nevada, the 14th state capital visited so far. Time for a quick shot of stats too....Nevada is the 7th most extensive, 34th most populous and 9th least densely populated of the 50 states. Basically its big with not many people. In fact over 3/4 of the residents of the state live in Clark County which contains the Las Vegas-Paradise metropolitan area. This flight takes me nowhere near Clark County however but to Carson City the state capital just over the border from California. Took off from KSAC at about 9am for the shortest leg so far of this epic journey. Default X Plane 11 scenery is very good and here we can see downtown Sacramento with the American and Sacramento Rivers in the distance... Downtown Sacramento Lake Folsom situated a few miles northwest of Sacramento Mountains as we start to approach the border. Tahoe National Forest below (or is it the Eldorado National Forest) Lake Tahoe in view. The border between California and Nevada cuts the lake in half north to south. Not a bad landing at Carson City Airport (KCXP) - another decent bit of X plane scenery that comes with the simulation Fairly warm in Carson City with 26 degrees centigrade on the instruments. In 2010 Carson City had a population of 55,274, making it the 6th largest city in the state. Carson City is notable in being a consolidated city or independent city i.e it is both a county and a city in one. Apparently prior to 1969 Carson City was the county seat of Ormsby County as well as the State capital. In 1969 the county of Ormsby was abolished and the city limits of Carson City are the same as what Ormsby County was with the far west of the City limits extending mid way across Lake Tahoe to the California state line. Learn something new every day! Next capital on the schedule is found in Utah...
  23. The Golden State

    I'll see if I can get them a bit bigger. Issue is the restriction on the size of pictures to upload. 1MB limit. If they are big they seem to fall foul of this. Any ideas? LH
  24. The Golden State

    Great pics — looks as though you're having loads of fun in California! :-) Just a suggestion - could you perhaps make the pics a bit bigger? Cheers, Brian
  25. [2017 South America] Tour Wrap

    Glad to see you enjoyed the tour
  26. The newest State (of the contiguous 48)

    Loving your stories, keep them up!
  27. The Golden State

    Three flights to update on, all three ending in the most populous state in the US, California. In fact, if California was a country it would be the 35th most populous and the 6th largest economy after the USA, China, Japan, Germany and the UK. In terms of total area, California is the third largest State after Alaska and Texas. So, an interesting state to visit. Instead of flying direct to the state capital, Sacramento from Phoenix, I decided to see the Pacific first and then turn north and head up the California coast. So, my first flight was 265 miles in a westerly direction to McClellan-Palomar Airport (KCRQ). I decided to use P3D v4 for this flight and took off from Phoenix Sky Harbour at 0630hrs local. The mountains around Phoenix shortly after take off After take off I turned to the west for the nearly 2hr 30 min flight. Weather was fine though I could see that things could get a bit tricky near my destination with a low ceiling of overcast cloud around KCRQ. But first, I had to cross the mountains of Southern California. The mountains of Southern California - the Pacific is somewhere ahead As I got closer to KCRQ the clouds set in and instrument flying was a must. Complete white out within 10 miles of the airport until I broke through, luckily with the airport straight in front of me... Thank goodness for that! There is the airport... After a few days at KCRQ I took off for a northerly flight up to Fresno on X Plane... Nice sunny day in Southern California on take off And here we have the Pacific Ocean - a lot of water out there... X Plane is full of suprises - someone out sailing ...and the US Navy off the coast of California! Lots and lots of cities in the LA County area Flying up the central valley of California, not far from Fresno Final into Fresno Yosemite International Airport (KFAT) Taxiing into KFAT (another airport given the 3D treatment - for free!) A week later I finally set off for the state capital for the 134 mile flight from Fresno up to Sacramento. The flight was fairly standard, apart from the heat! Well over 30 degrees centigrade. How do Californians put up with the constant heat!! Anyway, a few photos from this short flight: Take off from KFAT Flying over KFAT Descending into the Sacramento metro area Finals into Sacramento Executive Airport (KSAC) Safely landing into Sacramento means I have visited 13 of the 50 state capitals. Just 37 to go! Sacramento is the 6th largest city in California and apparently the fastest growing. In terms of the nation, Sacramento is the 35th largest city with 493,025 residents. Nevada next and time to head back East across the nation. A long way to go...
  28. Hi, can you help with my hours transfer. I have requested them in the forum with screenshot proof but not getting any reply.

    Would really be appreciated.

    Paul Hignett   WW2060

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