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  4. Jay,

    I have duplicate PIREPS as the result of a hung app or extremely slow processing from a flight I flew yesterday:

    20/06/2017 3:32:17 PM DL1443 KATL KIAH 2.04 WW-B738 598 -157 Approved View Report
    20/06/2017 3:30:41 PM DL1443 KATL KIAH 2.04 WW-B738 598 -157 Approved View Report

    Can you remove one of them from my  flights? 


    Glenn Wilkinson WW1767

    1. Flybird141


      Clock on the View Report, then at the bottom of the page " Flight Details " there is a delete flight you are able to delete yourself.

      If you can't get it. I will take care of it.



    2. GeeDub


      Got it.  Thanks!

  5. Being from the UK I find it interesting how each US state has a song, a flag, a seal, and a long list of living insignia (such as the state bird or fish) or inanimate insiginia (such as the state food, mineral or song). Two flights and two states to update on today. The first is a flight into the Yellowhammer State (Alabama), a yellowhammer being the state bird - followed by a flight to the Magnolia State (Mississippi) (a flower) and probably the trickiest state name to spell. I returned to my trusty Cessna 172 at Tallahassee airport for the 155 mile flight north west to Montgomery Regional Airport (KMGM). Taking off from Tallahassee was straighforward with a light wind and clear skys with a few clouds at higher altitudes than I would climbing to. I was struck once again at how warm it was at about 9am local time (26C). The flight was uneventful with no incidents to report on. The terrain on my epic trip has so far been fairly flat with a few rolling hills but certainly no mountains in the 4 States I had already covered. This flight was no different. A visual approach into KMGM proved smooth and standard. There is a theme developing with state capitals, so far, in that the majority are the second largest cities in their respective states. Alabama being no different with Montgomery being the second largest city behind Birmingham (which looks very different from the Birmingham I know in the West Midlands of the UK!). Anyway, the capital, Montgomery has a population of 200,022 ranking it as the 115th largest city in the US. After an overnight stop in Montgomery is was time to head almost directly west into Mississippi.... The State Flag of Alabama I should mention at this point that KMGM was the first airport I have landed at which was only 2D. No buildings or clutter, but, having done some research, it looks like X plane has a really good project underway in which people build airports. Once these approved as accurate they get uploaded into the default X plane on the next update. It seems a fantastic idea and KMGM was the first airport I've been to which was not detailed so it already has good coverage. Accurate runways and taxiways at KMGM, just no buildings......yet: Taking off from KMGM (no buildings...yet) So, an early morning flight to Jackson, Mississippi was afoot. I had decided to fly to Hawkins Field (KHKS) about 3 miles from downtown Jackson instead of the much larger commercial airport serving the capital - Jackson Evers International Airport (KJAN) which was a bit further out from the city. Take off was straight forward in fairly clear skies but with a few miles the cloud built up and became overcast. Continuing to climb I eventually broke out from the cloud - and it was properly overcast. Breaking out above the overcast conditions Following a long cruise I began to descend into the white fluffy stuff with a total white out for a good miles. Thankfully as I reached about 3,000 feet I broke out the bottom of the cloud so I could at least see where I was going. Breaking out from under. Using the fantastic charts provided by Navigraph I was able to fly the RNAV approach to runway 16 and landed safely in a very humid Jackson... Hawkins field in sight for my approach. Unusually (so far), Jackson is both the capital and largest city of Mississippi with 169,148 people ranking it as the 149th biggest city in the US. So, there we have it. 6 states done, 44 still to go.... The State Flag of Mississippi
  6. Good point. Added some shots to the posts and will continue to do so. Ive been very impressed with the 3D airports so far...
  7. Personally, I think it would be great to include a few screenshots of each journey. There's a quite a bit of variation in what we see out the virtual window across platforms. Heck, even within the same platform sometimes Keep the posts coming.
  8. All the best with this, look forward to following your progress.
  9. Just a brief update on progress... Left Columbia, SC for the 166mile flight west into Georgia to land at the worlds busiest airport by passenger traffic, Hartfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (KATL). Atlanta being the state capital of Georigia, and, for the first time on my trip, it is also the largest city in the state too. 472,522 people live in Atlanta making it the 38th largest city in the US and the biggest state capital I've visited so far. The airport is immense and I got a bit lost on the maze of taxi ways for little while. I've also noticed how warm and humid it is here. After a quick stop over I took off again. Finding my way round the massive KATL... Georgia State Flag This time, heading almost due south to Tallahassee I took off and immeadielty got heavily thrown about by turbulance and chop in the vicinity of the KATL. One thing I have noticed in X plane is the flight model just feels more alive and 'realistic'. I was getting that thrown around that much after take off that I started to feel a bit sick! And thats sat at my computer desk!! The bouncing around stopped as I got about 10 miles away from KATL which was a welcome relief and I settled down to a pleasant sunny flight of 194 miles down into Florida to land at Tallahassee Regional Airport (KTLH) serving the capital. Landed in the early evening and it was still very hot at 29C - sorry American friends, not sure what that is in Farrenheit but its hot whichever way you measure it! Tallahasse is the 7th biggest city in Florida apparently and the 126th biggest in the US with 190,682 people. I like the airport, fairly small, with the two runways making an L shape, an arrangement I have't seen before. Florida State Flag So, 4 states done, 46 to go and the weather has been kind so far.... Time to start heading further west me thinks...
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  11. Great way to jump into WWV with BOTH feet !! Glad you're here, up and flying and WAY TO GO with jumping right into the blogs !!!
  12. nice
  13. From the album Prepar3d v4

    And beautiful real looking clouds!!
  14. From the album Prepar3d v4

    The last active sky update has made the sim look even better
  15. From the album Prepar3d v4

    Looks very real
  16. From the album Prepar3d v4

    Looks real
  17. I am using all ORBX with Ultimate Realism Pack. Active sky had an update today and now looks even better.
  18. Great Screen shots Alan What Add-ons do you use Am still Considering converting To Prepar3d v4 What's stopping me at the min...is the add-ons am using especially Garry Summons UK2000 SCENERY am not sure if he will be updating to Prepar3d v4 and the same with Active Sky but its still early days Richard
  19. From the album Prepar3d v4

    Another shot leaving Chicago
  20. From the album Prepar3d v4

    Leaving Chicago enroute Atlanta
  21. From the album Prepar3d v4

    Still on approach to KORD, missed the VECTOR in the FMC so had to do a loop to get down lower
  22. From the album Prepar3d v4

    On approach into KORD - not bad for night time lighting in P3Dv4
  23. So 5th June saw the start of my journey. My trusty C172 parked up at the small airfield of First Flight Airport (KFFA). A huge amount of aviation history tied up with this airport. You could say it is where it all began with the Wright brothers and their experiments and tests with early flight. I decided to do a relatively short 31 mile hop to Hyde County Airport (K7W6). I'm still getting to grips with X plane and the weather wasn't brilliant either with high winds and low visibility. The first state capital in my sights was Raleigh, the capital of North Carolina. That would have to wait until another day due to very poor weather in the vicinity of the capital. After an uneventful short flight I landed safely at the rural Hyde County Airport for a overnight stop over. The following day saw 2 State capitals ticked off the list. First a 139 mile flight from Hyde County into Raleigh Durham International Airport (KRDU). North Carolina done, 49 capitals to go. I noticed that Raleigh is not the largest city in North Carolina, (a common theme with state capitals). Charlotte being the largest city in NC with Raleigh being the second largest city in the state. The capital city has a population 458,880, ranking it 41st in the US and its fairly old (founded in 1792) - NB: I live in England, so 1792 is not that old compared to some of the buildings/places we have here :). Anyway, thats enough history for now, another flight was in the offing... North Carolina State Flag After a short stay in Raleigh I was off again leaving KRDU, heading south west for the 163 mile trip to Columbia Metrpolitan Airport (KCAE) serving the South Carolina state capital of Columbia. Again the flight was uneventful with VFR conditions but plenty of cloud about, but at sufficent altitude to allow safe VFR flying (well, as safe as it can be with me at the controls). The city of Columbia appears to be a much smaller than Raleigh with a population of 134,309 in the city proper ranking at 199th across the US. Again, Columbia is the second largest city in the state with the city of Charleston pipping it to the post by a few thousand people. It also looks like the state capital is a nice place to live with it being named in the "10 Great Cities to Live In" by a magazine and in the top 30 "Most Livable Communites" by another organisation. I have no opinion either way never having actually been there! South Carolina State Flag So thats two state capitals done, 48 to go with plenty to of flying to do. Now I am caught up, my next update should dwell more on the actual flying!! More to follow in due course... (By the way I'm using 2016 US Census estimates for population etc. Any errors are totally mine)
  24. Good luck Dave, have fun.
  25. Go get'em tiger!!!
  26. Hello all, I recently moved over to x plane from FSX/P3D and have been very impressed with the feel and look of my new sim. Just feels more real. Anyway I joined Worldwide Virtual due to the freedom to fly anywhere in anything. Which fits nicely with my rather daft challenge. To fly to all US state capitals in GA aircraft. This in itself will be an epic journey, but in the back of my mind I have a hazy plan to visit all the capitals of the nations on the planet in due course...but I'll leave that for later...maybe. Lets just try the not insignificant challenge of the US state capitals first! My vague 'rules' are: 1. I can use any GA plane - but will probably mostly use the very decent X plane 11 default C172. 2. I aim to fly in turn to each airport listed on Wikipedia as being the main or closest airport to each of the 50 State capitals. Common sense applies. 3. I can land at intermediate airports to break up long journeys. 4. I will start at KFFA, First Flight Airport on the coast of North Carolina, where the Wright brothers conducted much of there work to get flying off the ground. 5. At this stage I have no idea where I will end up with the 50th. See where we go... 6. Real weather to be used (I have envirox) 7. As far as possible I will obey charts and aviation rules, planning etc. So if an airport I am flying to is below minimums, I'll have to divert. I can fly VFR or IFR. I will of course record my flights via Worldwide Virtual! 8. I'll try and learn about the places I'm going to, but the main idea is to have fun. So, there we have it. A bit of an epic undertaking and who knows how long it will take me (family and work and real life take priority of course!) And I'm already 4 flights in... next blog update will see us ticking off 3 States...
  27. Oh *that* sort of technical problem! <grin> Yeah, I guess they're as prevalent as they always were. Reminds me of a transcontinental flight for Army and RAF personnel that I was on once: we landed somewhere rather nice to refuel (I think it was Bermuda?) and almost as soon as the engines were switched off I looked out of the window and saw the RAF flight crew running hell for leather across the tarmac to the terminal building. The next time we saw them was when we got back on the plane, three days later.... 8-º Cheers, Brian
  28. Well it seems when it is nice and warm on an island it is a good place to discover something wrong on the plane which will of course need a few days to fix. Cannot blame you as the thought of returning to the cold and rain would slow anyone down. Now I do not know how those people north of the border get on.
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