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    Happy 8th birthday worldwide

  4. Greg

    Happy 8th birthday worldwide

    Happy Birthday Worldwide. 8 years ago Allan launched worldwide virtual. Since then the admin team has worked hard to promote it and grow it into one of the best :]. It's been fun to see all of our pilots enjoying the vision we had from the beginning. We would like to thank all of our past and present admin team & pilot's for there daily contribution's to our VA. And to all of our pilots please join us on this day to celebrate our 8th birthday. Cheers
  5. Welcome back

  6. Great video, Pieter! That should bring some more business in. Well done. Cheers, Brian
  7. harrry

    Fly Knight Aviation

    And I thought you did not respecct your passengers, probably so but this film is a great work of fiction. It is a great job. if I needed to advertise to get customers you would be at the top of my agency list. Now flying with you is another matter. ;0 Great music too and you timed it perfectly.
  8. Wow nice pics - thanks for sharing. Looks like a nice trip, will do it some time.
  9. I was asked to take an Elderly chap from Aussie called Harry, for a hop over Cape Town to see the Harbor and Table Mountain and then this is what happened PS. TO ALL THE AICRAFT LOVERS OUT THERE, NO AIRCRAFT WERE HURT IN THE MAKING OF THIS VIDEO......ONLY AN ELDERLY MAN AND SOME ATC OFFICIALS SOON AFTERWARDS.
  10. Yes we absolutely have the best Mechanics, so our aircraft are very well maintained.
  11. That A36 was a C172 until Knights aviation Mechanics did some work on it after Pieter's last landing in it.
  12. Knight Aviation Flying School Want a career in Aviation as a Commercial Pilot or Recreation Pilot so you don't have to be at home much to listen to your Mother/Wife/Husband/Children/Mother-in-law/etc? Knight Aviation Flying School is just the right place for you then. We will teach you how to keep an aircraft in the air with the wheels showing to the ground, the cabin to the sky, the nose forward and the tail backwards. We will teach you how to land and be able to use the aircraft again afterwards. We will teach you to find your destination airport with out phoning your Mother/Father/Friend/Wife/Husband from the air to ask directions or ask radar to help you find it, and that with out a GPS. We will teach you how to not fly or taxi into another aircraft We will teach you how to speak that strange langues to that strange people over the radio. We will teach you how to fly and land when it is pitch dark in the early morning hours while every one else is warm, comfy and fast asleep. where you want to be. We will teach you to fly, find your destination airport and land safely, when that white stuff is all around you and all you see outside is white with some lightning flashes. When you tihnk "what the hell am I doing here"? For the Pilots that do their Commercials and IF Rating through Knight Aviation are guarantied work as a pilot with Knight Aviation. You will start out on one of two really good equip Cessna 172SP till you achieve your Private Pilot Licences, then you will progress to our new Beachcraft Bonanza A36 for some Retractable gear and variable pitch propeller hours. The Bonanza is also available for Hire and Fly to our Students to help those 200 hours build for Commercials. You then will upgrade to our Beachcraft Barron 58 for your twin training and for twin IF training. Please no spoiled brats wasting their parents money and the Instructors time.........then again it is their parents money in our bank account ....,,let them come it is ok. Our Flying School is located at Fisantekraal (FAFK) close enough to Cape Town for a nice pub crawling for students lodging in our student lodge on the airport. See Photo's below Knight Aviation Flying School club house and briefing rooms Our two C172 SP Our Bonny A36
  13. It was a glorious sunny day, and after a morning of paperwork in the office I felt like a quick trip. As it turned out, we had some heavy cargo to get to Nantes, in Brittany, so this seemed like the perfect choice. Loading the aircraft went smoothly at the Brian's Charter Farnborough base, so it wasn't long before we were pushing back. Here are some pics of the trip: 01. Leaving Farnborough behind 02. Passing Gatwick 03. Crossing the south coast in the afternoon haze 04. Cruise altitude over the Channel 05. Passing Saint-Malo on the north Brittany coast 06. Descending — passing the Saint-Navaire bridge 07. Approaching Nantes 08. Finals, passing over the Reserve Naturelle du Lac de Gand-Lieu 09. The biggest lake in France — in the Winter 10. Approaching rwy 03 11. Touchdown - derelict RAF WW2 control tower in background 12. Exiting runway at taxyway D 13. Unloading at the gate Cheers, Brian P.S. Note about the Reserve Naturelle du Lac de Grand-Lieu Lac de Grand-Lieu is a lake located to the south-west of Nantes, in the Loire-Atlantique, France, and almost entirely in Saint-Philbert-de-Grand-Lieu. At an elevation of 5 m, its surface area is 62.92 km², making it the largest lake in France in winter, but second after Lac du Bourget in summer. The lake is classified as a Local Nature Reserve, and use of boats on the lake are prohibited for all but a small number of licensed professional fishermen.
  14. Yes @brian747 more on the serious side this is now not a story, there is a rule here in the Africa bushveld that when you are in the bushveld you always check your socks and inside of your shoes/boots/vellies every time before putting it on, you won't believe how many times this has happened that people find a scorpion or spider inside their shoes, we once camped near a place called Tosca close to the Botswana border for a week of hunting and when we packed up we found a python (luislang) curled up under the one corner of our big Army tent we used to store our supplies and used for our veld kitchen. So really loved your story, since I can relate too it.
  15. I was once in a miltary helicopter above Central America when one of the passengers in the back reported that he had accidentally released a scorpion. We were flying low level, but it was the quickest, and certainly the roughest, landing I ever experienced. In case you were wondering, the guy who released it was a pongo (RAF slang for an army person) who had been bitten by the said scorpion, and we were taking him to hospital: the SOP was that, since there were dozens of different breeds of scorpion in the region, the victim's comrades had to capture the beast (generally they had the sense to make sure it was dead and not just stunned) so that the victim could take it to hospital with him in a plastic bag, giving the medics a fighting chance to pick the correct antidote for the venom. There was also a rather sad (or funny, if you weren't on the receiving end) case where we had to rush one of the flight crew to hospital, since a scorpion had decided that the inside of his flying boot was a safe dark place to go to sleep for the night — until it was unceremoniously awakened. I wouldn't fancy trying to write a cheque on a scorpion. Although the likelihood of it ever being cashed would be quite small, one suspects. Cheers, Brian
  16. Just mark it "Thanks for the great night" That should get it opened instantly.
  17. We got a call from an old farmer with the name of Harry in Pofadder asking if we would be interested in a King Air 350 and of course we jumped to attention and listen. The deal was he is getting to old to fly and wanted to trade his 350 for some things he wanted. So he sent us a list of what he wanted and it consisted of 3x Sheepdogs, 1x bull calf, 4x chicken hens 1x chicken rooster and a pig. We could not believe this and loaded the Caravan and off we went to Pofadder (FAPD). When we got there we realized the farmer got the better end of the deal. The King Air had some serious problems, starboard engine tents to die on you some where in the flight, we must fly her with the gear down since the actuators for the gears are gone and the gear are locked in by the locking pins, radios last worked when the farmer had to go into a busy airport some years back (who needs radios in Africa the farmer reckoned) and we have to keep her below FL150 since the pressurization is not working and so on......some minor things the farmer said. We got her back to our hanger in Cape Town and started rebuilding the King Air. First the Engines that we discovered where timex about 300 hrs back and we decided to replace them all together. Luckily one of our friends @JusVonSchott had a pair of fairly new Pratt and Whitney PT6A-60A (only 10hrs on them) with props lying in his hanger that we could buy from him. After about 2 months we finally managed to ermmm........... get through the workshop manual and started the rebuild. It took us another 3 months and finally we have a brand new King Air 350 in 100 % working order, and we paid...........I mean let the SACAA inspector do the necessary tests and inspections and he signed the air worthy certificate. Since this bird will only be used for VIP charters we did the interior as a club seating with light beige leather seats, gold trimmings and rose wood panels and fold away tables. Our C208 Caravan from now on will only be used for Gargo and Medivacs, our B757-200 B747-400 and B737-800 are still on International charters. Here are our new lady all dressed in the KA decals. Interior credit to: PriJet
  18. Well I was going to say just send it to corporate HQ. After considerable thought on the subject however I wish for it to be sent to my home address, in care of “Jus’s Gal.” THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! Your friend FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!! Jus
  19. @harrry Yes Harry there in Pofadder it's quite wild still and from snakes (hence the name Pofadder) to mouse get in every where, so some of them hitched a free ride with us to Cape Town , but we got rid of all of them with the rebuild......thou there is that one Pofadder we are not sure of.... I could swear I saw him heading for the veld ......but I am not sure...... @brian747 Nope this was a first for KA as well, we mostly deal in WWV Currency exchanged for the currency of the country we are dealing or operating in at the time, but since the ZAR has been degraded to "junk status" the farmer Harry rather wanted live stock. @JusVonSchott your suitcase with WWV currency is on its way just say where we must deliver it too......I just hope that damm Pofadder did not went into that suitcase ........come to think about it open the suitcase VERY CAREFULLY buddy ..... P.S. FOR ALL THE BUNNY HUGGERS OUT THERE. NO ANIMALS WHERE HURT IN WRITING THIS BLOG........BUT FOR THE REBUILD, IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN A DIFFERENT STORY.
  20. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/vat-part-exchanges-barters-and-set-offs Though I am reminded of the time when a cheque was written on a cow and the judgement was that this was legal and as tendered the debt was extinguished however the writer was responsible for the charges of clearance which included stabling the cow and providing feed and vet services which added up to more than the cheque. Although this is now said to be false news it was included in a text book on negotiable instruments which I had to study in 1970. This is the story said to be false and it is but it may however be based on a preceding case. http://www.deceptology.com/2012-09/can-you-cash-check-written-on-cow.html A cheque has been written on a banana.
  21. Nice one, Pieter! There's good money to be made for any Charter company by pandering to the rich. Even though Brian's Charter's business is based on the 747-400 as you know, we do have three smaller aircraft that are aimed mostly at that market sector — two of them are shown in this pic (the helicopter was away from our home base at the time). And before you ask, neither the tow truck nor the monorail are among the two. But (like Jus, I think) I am little concerned about your customer base. Do you get many who use liveware as currency? Here in the UK we would have a certain amount of difficulty putting those items through the books, that's for sure. Perhaps you should consider some targeted advertising to broaden your appeal to the marketplace? Anyway, in the meantime, keep on truckin'. The Charter business is great fun — but especially if you can insist on using banker's drafts or even old-fashioned folding money for currency. Cheers, Brian
  22. He is not sending the. The critters are just rats trying to desert a sinking ship.
  23. WOW! Nice livery!! While we here at VonAir do enjoy doing business with Knight Aviation we deal in money only. Please stop trying to send us critters as payment for the engines/prop assemblies. Jus
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