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  3. Thanks Jus I obviously forgot what section I was in.
  4. I don’t think signatures are supposed to show in the Blogs section. I like the calendar idea as well! Jus
  5. Maybe we could start a 2020 WWV calendar with pictures of old birds. lol Just noticed where have all the signatures gone!
  6. Just saw I totally missed spelled Douglas up there but it is fixed.....note to self: do not post stuff in a haste and carefully re-read before posting.
  7. You are absolutely correct, as a matter of fact when we fly her she is costing us money. She is helping to preserve history and her main role is historical flights and tax deduction purpose only. Oops did I said tax deduction purpose out loud......
  8. She's looking good for an old bird, Pieter! Although with a vlight of 188 nm taking 1 hour and 23 minutes, I don't think she'll be adding a lot to the Knight Aviation revenue stream.... But hey — every man needs his hobbies, right? Have fun, Cheers, Brian
  9. Knight Aviation always wanted to start a new division called Knight Aviation Historical since Knight got hold of a Grumman Goose G21A when the Cape Town City Council contacted Knight to hear if he could help with removing a Goose just floating in the harbour and none of their pilots they hired could get her to start. He said yes if they will pay us, and they agreed. When we got the Goose back to KA Hangers we soon discovered that the Engines were newly overhauled and the Airframe newly redone. So why did she not want to start? So we called up some of the old timers we knew and finally got hold of a manual for the Goose. She fired up the first time when we followed the startup procedure and it turned out that none of the new generation pilots knew how to start her (probably because there are no TV screens in the cockpit). Soon she was back in the skies where she belongs. More recently Knight got a call from his friend @JusVonSchott that told him about a raffle that a company was running to help raise money for men wanting to flee their houses for a week and go to Oshkosh. They Raffled off one of their old Aircraft no longer in use for quite some time now and they could not even remember who was the last crew that flew her or when and who bought her. They think the name Uncle Sam rings a bell, who ever that was. It was a Douglas C-47/DC3 and that is all they knew about this aircraft that stood in their hanger in the corner now for so many years. Knight bought a ticket and thought no more about it. Then the phone rung and the voice on the other side wanted to know how we are planning to move our newly won C47 out of their hanger? We were all so excited and Knight immediately called another friend he knew flies Cargo to there from the UK and asked if he will help dismantling the C47 and fly it over to the UK where KA's 747-400 could pick it up and fly it to its new home, FACT Cape Town. @Richard of Fusion Cargo agreed and a week later our C-47 was in our hanger. We used the money we got from Cape Town City Council to assemble and repair where needed the airframe, and overhaul those two big radials. We gave her a fresh paint job back to her original paint with the added Knight Aviation decals. Now the next challenge was to find an Instructor old enough that still have this bird on his rating for Knight and a co-pilot to do a conversion, luckily we found one that is still active and soon we started our conversion over the skies of Cape Town On 16 October 2019 the first official Knight Aviation Historical flight took place from Cape Town FACT to George FAGG with the new old C-47/DC3 of Knight Aviation Historical. The flight of a merely 188NM took no less than 1hr 23 minutes, but was that a joyful 1hr23min. Here is the newly painted C-47 named Melisa, with her KA Decals.
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  11. Thank you, Brian, that's very interesting. (And that's a superb model of the -8F, too). Atlas have certainly got their fingers in many pies. Going back to Polar Air Cargo for a moment (along with Cargolux they're a long-time favourite of mine since the days of PS1, two <*cough*> decades ago), in addition to their seven -400Fs (which is where Brian's Charter helps out, occasionally) they also have six -8Fs — which attract the side-comment "Operated by Atlas Air for DHL Express". The cargo world seems to be a much more cooperative place than the overcrowded pax market.... Hmm, come to think of it I don't know of a P3Dv4 Bangkok, either (which seems a curious omission ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ — it's a long shot, but I wonder whether the old AA Sceneries version might work in P3Dv4?), but I have used the ImagineSim version of Shanghai Pudong, although not for a while so I can't recall what it was like. (The brain, it crumbles...). If you're interested, let me know and I'll happily fire it up and send you a few pics. Keep on truckin' (and all that jazz), Cheers, Brian P.S. As you can see, the Brian's Charter hub here at Farnborough is definitely a truckie-friendly place:
  12. Hi Brian, I couldn't agree more! I have often vlown the Qantas air freight run (the routes are in WWV). I even purchased all the major airports I could get that are along the route. I am really only missing a good Bangkok and Shanghai for P3Dv4.5. One of my favourite of the various routes is: Sydney-Bangkok-Shanghai-Anchorage-New York-Chicago-Los Angeles-Honolulu-Sydney. I took advantage of the recent PMDG "sale" and added the -800 to my fleet of 747s. Ironically, I decided to take out the Atlas Air (the Qantas carrier) 747-400F and start another big lap. After the sector was complete I received an Aviation News bulletin the Atlas Air had just begun using the 747-8F on the Qantas freight run. I couldn't help myself, so I continued the lap with the Atlas 747-8F. By the time I had completed two more sectors, someone had added the new Qantas logos that are on the Alas aircraft. I updated my fleet with the new livery and completed the lap. The image attached is the new 747-8F with Qantas Freight labels attached. Carry on the great work with Brian's Charter!!! Cheers The "other" Brian.
  13. I've always liked long haul, and I've always liked cargo flights. There's no pax to worry about, for a start, but also you get to see airports that aren't on the usual tourist trail. Take Cincinnati, for example (or "northern Kentucky International Airport", as it is more grandly known). It's a seriously big airport, and what makes it especially interesting is that it's a big hub for cargo carriers such as DHL, Amazon Air, and also Polar Air Cargo, with whom Brian's Charter has always had a friendly relationship. We lend each other 744s and/or crew from time to time at reasonable prices, and it's an arrangement that suits both of us. So I'm at Cincinnati to do one of their regular cargo runs — from Cincinnati to Seoul, around 6,000 miles and 13 hours of anybody's aviation fuel. You'll find it in WV's newer schedules: look for PO237 or PO713. In fact, why don't I show you my cheat sheet oops sorry flight summary (I like to have everything I need on one piece of paper that I can clip to the yoke), to sketch out a few possibilities: But just before I show you a few pics of the vlight, please forgive me if I vent a small but deeply-felt rant against those developers (including AI aircraft suppliers) who seem to entirely overlook cargo aircraft. This version of Cincinnati is a case in point. The DHL cargo area is huge, and (RW) crowded, and I happen to know that at night it's ablaze with light. Not this version, which is totally dark at night, and as for being busy, here you can see me waiting for pushback clearance: Lonely, isn't it? <sigh> OK, rant over. At least my depiction of Seoul isn't like that, as you'll see when we get there. Anyway, it wasn't long before I was cleared for take-off, heading west, towards Alaska. This is the U.S. of A., so no need to ask what the Transition Altitude is, and I was soon overhead Chicago. My route was taking me to the top left-hand corner of the U.S. — — and then straight on across Russia. (At this point I'll compress things somewhat, since a blow-by-blow account of a thirteen-hour vlight is somewhat lacking in interest, and cut to the more interesting bits). Eventually, I left Russia not far from Vladivostok and headed out over the Sea of Japan. A slightly circuitous approach was called for, since I had been allocated rwy 16 for my arrival, as you can see on the map in the PSX Instructor Station. During the long vlight I had started cruising at FL360 and as the fuel burned off step-climbed to 380, 400, 420, and eventually FL440, so it was a longer than usual descent. The forecasted descent winds were surprisingly gentle for this part of the world, which can be quite unfriendly in that respect at times: The STAR called for what felt almost like part of a DME arc, before placing me directly onto the runway heading.... ....after which it was a straightforward landing. Touchdown is always something of a relief after a long trip! Oh, and here's the cargo area at Seoul — now that's more like what I'd expect to see! (I'm at gate 628, incidentally). That's it, folks. But why not try a long haul trip yourself? Cheers, Brian
  14. Endem Germany. A quaint little village known for its auto shipping industry and ship building. This job has me delivering fish from inland Germany to the coast? The weather was a little breezy and miserable. climbing out. Another $9k and change in the box. Fairly uneventful during this operation. Plain, boring, vanilla transport. Maybe I see why I grab those risk jobs. I see some upcoming jobs with a nice payout so I need to decide, North towards Denmark for little cash which is the direction I want to go OR, higher paying and head back south into France? We will see what tomorrow brings.
  15. I also ran a nomad to see how far I can take it, All though I only have a Bonanza now.....early days in my nomad company lol.
  16. @harrry hence the reason for trying this nomad mode. Ran AH2 many times jumping in the big boys and found it really easy to build that company. this keeps me a free spirit for the lack of better terms. No ties to any bases, no fees except the shoddy equipment I keep purchasing. Oh and my flirtation with the dark side as @brian747 points out. The goal is to build my nomad company into the big tubes but I know it will take some time so I will enjoy the ride and see where the jobs take me. Perhaps I’ll shoot for circling the globe with odd jobs.
  17. Thats the thing about a 747, one big trip and it enough to set you up in business. With puddle jumpers it takes a lot of grey trips to do that.
  18. Many thanks for the pics and the continuing of the saga! This flirtation with the dark side is a bit worrying, though. I hope you can progress fast enough to start earning more without too many jobs like that — I'd hate to see you in jail. Cheers, Brian
  19. So after a few odd jobs here and there I was able to trade in my PA32 for a PA42. Not much of an upgrade except for the extra maintenance cost with twin screws. After all I've been through what do I do. Right back to the jobs that can get my rear end jailed. So, a night job it is! After a bloke that goes by the name of Slash.. I didn't bother asking why, placed the cargo on board. He gave me one of those uncomfortable chin up nods with a creepy smile on his face. Certainly didn't make me feel confident about this haul so I wanted to try and do what I could to minimize identification. A dark takeoff. While I sat in the wheelhouse here with sweaty palms with every scenario of another unhappy visit from the local law on my cargo I couldn't help but to beat myself up on why in the world I would take a job like this for such a low cost. Why Why Why!! Coming on in now I tried to act very calm and normal with my bag of illegal narcotics on board. I know I was supposed to park in a specific spot where a fellow would unload my cargo. I believe he was disguised as an airline mechanic. So far its looking clear.. PHEW! Unloaded, the "mechanic" picked up the package. No traces left on my rig here. Now to get this all buttoned up for the night. No more silly decisions. There are so many other profitable jobs out there. Why I had to take that one I don't know. The thrill? I'm not sure. Now we can rest easy tonight with this in the box. We are slowly making our way up the proverbial ladder. Our rep is still too low for any loans.... My cargo rep is almost 40 yet the 'overall' is pretty low due to lack of missions and pax. I find this troublesome since I don't have enough to do the missions and its either pax or cargo to increase my overall. Slow and steady! We are spending the night in Germany.
  20. Knight W

    Happy 8th birthday worldwide

  21. Greg

    Happy 8th birthday worldwide

    Happy Birthday Worldwide. 8 years ago Allan launched worldwide virtual. Since then the admin team has worked hard to promote it and grow it into one of the best :]. It's been fun to see all of our pilots enjoying the vision we had from the beginning. We would like to thank all of our past and present admin team & pilot's for there daily contribution's to our VA. And to all of our pilots please join us on this day to celebrate our 8th birthday. Cheers
  22. Welcome back

  23. Great video, Pieter! That should bring some more business in. Well done. Cheers, Brian
  24. harrry

    Fly Knight Aviation

    And I thought you did not respecct your passengers, probably so but this film is a great work of fiction. It is a great job. if I needed to advertise to get customers you would be at the top of my agency list. Now flying with you is another matter. ;0 Great music too and you timed it perfectly.
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