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2018 Worldwide European Tour - Leg 8



Departure:  LSGG - Geneva Cointrin International Airport - 1554Z - 04

Arrival:  EHBK - Maastricht Aachen Airport - 1724Z - ILSZ03

The client's speaking engagement finished earlier than expected, so we went wheels up around 1600Z.  A short flight at FL300 with some minor chop, but nothing concerning.

Initial weather at EHBK was misty, but it had cleared up by the time we arrived, so landing was smooth.  No issues from ATC this time either.

It will be an early morning departure from Maastricht, as the client has a full day of high-level engagements.  Depart will either be later in the evening, or early next morning, just waiting for confirmation.



2018 WWET - Leg 8 - 1.jpg

2018 WWET - Leg 8 - 2.jpg

2018 WWET - Leg 8 - 3.jpg

2018 WWET - Leg 8 - 4.jpg

2018 WWET - Leg 8 - 5.jpg

2018 WWET - Leg 8 - 6.jpg


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Glad you are.

Leg 9's report will be delayed.  Had FMC issues climbing out of Maastricht, so returned and cancelled the flight.  Will try again on Friday.

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