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2018 Worldwide European Tour - Leg 7



Departure:  DTTJ - Djerba–Zarzis International Airport - 0924Z - 27

Arrival:  LSGG - Geneva Cointrin International Airport - 1221Z - ILS04

A nice morning flight to Geneva, marred only by Approach Controllers in Geneva who thought that I could intercept the ILS from a 335 deg. turn.  Fortunately said Controller got removed, and replaced by someone more competent, for a decent approach and smooth landing the second time around.

The clients didn't even comment on the go-around, but they are not the friendliest, and were probably too buried in their devices to even notice.  One of them, some sort of physics professor/scientist, is giving a speech at a conference this afternoon, then we will depart late afternoon/early evening for Maastricht.  This will be our nightstop, and where we will spend the rest of tomorrow as the clients are attending a conference, and we will depart on schedule the next day to Bergen.

2018 WWET - Leg 7 - 1.jpg

2018 WWET - Leg 7 - 2.jpg

2018 WWET - Leg 7 - 3.jpg

2018 WWET - Leg 7 - 4.jpg


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I like your pics, and I very much appreciate the comments about the story behind them: having something like that in mind while you vly definitely enhances the simming experience.

(At least, it does for me — that's why Brian's Charter has been vlying for so many years   tongue_grin.png   ).

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