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2018 Worldwide European Tour - Leg 4

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2018 Worldwide European Tour - Leg 4

Departure:  UWGG - Nizhny Novgorod International Airport - 0921Z - 18L

Arrival:  LUKK - Chișinău International Airport - 1222Z - 26 RNAV Approach


Fairly uneventful flight, was a bit choppy descending into LUKK, but no major issues.  The group of 16 that have chartered me for this Tour do not plan to spend much time at Chișinău, ETB is currently 1300Z for our next leg to Tel Aviv, where an overnight stop is planned.

See some shots from the flight below, the cover photo is after arrival, system won't let me upload to the main gallery.  Says my upload limit is 4Mb, even though all 7 photos are just over 2Mb in total...

WWET 2018 - Leg 3 - 1.jpg

WWET 2018 - Leg 3 - 2.jpg

WWET 2018 - Leg 3 - 3.jpg

WWET 2018 - Leg 3 - 4.jpg

WWET 2018 - Leg 3 - 5.jpg

WWET 2018 - Leg 3 - 6.jpg

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