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Knight Aviation finally took the plunge

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Knight W


As every one probably by now knows I was considering it for a while now to do a P3D step up from my old trusty (actually these days just crashing) FSX and last Sunday after yet another VAS OOM sim crush, just before I was to start my descend after a two hour flight , I decided it is time for all Knight Aviation Aircraft to get the P3D conversion. 

What kept me from doing it in the first place turned out to be a breeze.  That was the buying online - "what if I do not receive the license like they say, how will I get support me being in South Africa ect." I had bad experiences before with well respected companies so I am a bit OCD about stuff like that. Immediately after payment my details where emailed and I was on my way. 

The next step was downloading the 12,6 GB file, but luckily I have fiber at work and that too was not much effort to do. 

Ok wait so some where there had to be a catch this is just to easy, it's like flying C172 with a 3 axes autopilot   ......damm that would be just to easy. So I was expecting the install and run of P3D yeah there is where the catch going to be.............wrong I had a more difficulties buttering bread when the butter are bit cold...smooth sailing. Well done Lockheed Martin. 

On Monday night after installing P3D I just had enough time to fire up P3D just to see how it looks like and I kicked the tires and light the fires of the C130  just for a quick flip and with not knowing the AC panel quite good or speeds and my joystick not setup yet I .......mmmmmm crashed landed on the runway. Guess Knight Aviation won't be doing Cargo for awhile unless we can borrow Brains 747.......

Back to the Sim

Tonight I got every thing setup and imported my B738 from FSX into P3D and did a circuit at FACT.

The default scenery is so much better. It feels and looks much better then FSX even, that is to me any-case. Now we will just have to see how it does on longer flights. I also need to fine tune every thing still. I will work out what works best as I continue with the Aussie Pacific tour.

Here are some pics of the new P3D B738 at FACT and over Table Mountain.










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Thanks for the update and the pics — very impressive! — and congratulations on your courage!     2thumbs.gif

It looks like you survived the transition very well (is that really P3Dv4 default scenery? Impressive...).


...I got every thing setup and imported my B738 from FSX into P3D...

Coo: is it really as easy as that? Or does your aircraft have a specifically-made P3Dv4 installer? Having read so many horror stories about people trying desperately to import aircraft and airports (in particular) from FSX into P3Dv4 I'm agreeably surprised.

Do keep us updated from time to time on how you're getting on with P3D: it's especially helpful for those of us standing on the edge of the pool, uncertain about how deep the water's going to be....    NailBiting(anim).gif

After all, it's always nice when someone else has done the pioneering....     wink.jpg



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1 hour ago, brian747 said:

Coo: is it really as easy as that? Or does your aircraft have a specifically-made P3Dv4 installer?

Hi @brian747 I think because it is the default B738 from FSX it was this easy as copy and paste the B738 folder out of FSX into P3D. You just have to make sure all the relevant *.cab files are also there or copy them from FSX gauges to the P3D gauges folder. I even got all my extra popups instruments that I use, to work as well for instance the Citation x radio's . Just go into the panel.cfg file under the Windows of that instrument and see what *.cab you need and copy that then also into the gauges folder and sound folder as needed. I know not all will work, the only one that did not want to work was the pushback util I use in FSX in my AC but its read me file does state it is for FSX only. But yes the most were really easy.

Some of the other AC that have installers I have not tested yet.

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That's very helpful, thank you!    beam.jpg

Unlike some of the stuff I've been reading elsewhere, I might add....     Sigh(anim).gif

I think that because I'm attempting to reach a balanced view of what's involved by reading a whole slew of Internet posts written by many different people with different experience levels and different agendas, it's hard to get a balanced view of what the problems are likely to be — so it's refreshing to read a clear and succinct statement on this topic.     2thumbs.gif



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If the aircraft is a default aircraft using only fsx default controls and guages there are few problems.  With anything else while the body may import guages will not work.


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Thanks for that, harrry — I've heard that said, too. But it seems that different people have different experiences in this area, which I guess is why I'm finding it so hard to understand the problems in advance. But to 'suck it and see' is a little expensive, with P3D....    sad.jpg

Although I'm beginning to fear that that may be my only option in the end.    crinkle.gif



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It should be no problem for you changing to P3d4

You only need one plane, the 747.  A little pricey,especially if you add the 747-8 but I am sure they would keep you busy for a while.

Your other favorite of the Real planes should be no problem as they have been upgraded for P3D4

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