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About this blog

Hi folks,

I'm already busy with flightsims for more of 20 years.

Participaded long time ago in multiple wellknown virtual airlines with big birds as pilot & management. But with the years more & more interest was coming for the little birds. Business & GA is on today my focus.

Also more & more interest was coming into the economic side of virtual aviation. After testing many virtual economical systems I settled down by the successor AirHauler².

I started my own little company & website. No big plans, only just a trusted PA32. Later on added with his big brother the PA34 and some friendly aia-pilots.

After all the years, and now I become one year older, and not always the right time to fly the sim, AH² was the ideal option.

But sometimes, when I take a flight in my own hands, I missing a kind of social factor. When I was searching online for a kind of AH²-community, I was directed to Worldwide Virtual.

Why? Because another friend of mine is already in touch of Worldwide Virtual & AirHauler².

Along Worldwide Virtual and this blog I hope to add that missing social factor to my hobby.



What is Q2 Logistics | Premium?

Q2 Logistics is my little proud, a little Belgium based virtual company that's specialized in private traveling and small logistic transport by air.
Based on EBKT (Kortrijk-Wevelgem/Belgium) and operational to/from any possible airport within Europe open for the public.

You can visit our website on www.q2logistics.be

Everyone can contact me by pm for corporations, questions or suggestions.

(When possible I hope to run also my company & brandmark into Worldwide Virtual.)



Entries in this blog

Visiting Saanen / LSGK in Switzerland

Visiting Saanen / LSGK in Switzerland

One of our exciting and exclusive destinations, Saanen airport (LSGK) in Switzerland. Not the simplest airport to land in bad weather conditions. (Freeware by ORBX)   Visit our website on www.q2logistics.be



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