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    Hello everyone, my name is Dennis (WW2096), I am a lover of aviation, it is more to say that it is my passion.

    I have used FSX and X-Plane. Since I started using X-Plane, I really love flying on this other platform.

    Since I used it I have been researching its plugins and aircraft.

    I found that in Russia, the IL-96-400 is in development, this aircraft is really amazing, because as an aviation lover I read about them and I know that in América the only one that uses a similar model is "Cubana de Aviación" with the IL-96-300 and the best is free.

    You can find it and download it at the following address: http://x-flight.su/addons.php

    To make it easy for you to find the link, use Chrome and translate the website.

    Comes with 4 liveries: Aeroflot, British airways, Lufthansa and Sochi





    The bad thing is that it is in Russian, but I do not see that it is an impediment to be able to learn how to fly it.

    I just installed it to start studying how to fly it and I want to share with all those who want to do transatlantic flights.

    I hope this plane will be of great help to all of you.

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    Hello everyone.  My name is Tom (aka WW5152) and I would like to share some screenshots of a flight I did from St. Louis, Missouri (KSTL) to Las Vegas, Nevada (KLAS) in a Boeing 727-200. 





    The default ATC for FSX vectored me in for a visual approach and landing, or as I call it "Shaking Hands with Danger".  (I'm not a very good pilot.) 

  1. Happy New Year!  Here is to writing 2017 on everything for the next 3 months.


    Woke up this morning to find that Captain Sim released the 757-200 base package for P3D v4!  I slapped down my plastic and got me a copy.

    Some of you who have P3D v4 know that there are practically NO aircraft outside the stock planes, PMDG, and recently FSLabs A320 out there.  Like literally nothing (I've been searching).  Even if you aren't a fan of the 757, it is hard not to be excited about some new variety.

    After a very long download (I am sure their servers are screaming), the 221mb install file took about an hour to download.  I updated the AIRAC data through Navigraph, and was on my way for a short hop.

    The Flight:

    Flight model is great.  Handling is very responsive, a joy to fly.  Being a typical man, I don't need no tutorials....but I will likely review them to learn the finer points.  I was able to get right in and fly with my PMDG knowledge.


    • Los Angeles International (KLAX)
    • Departed 7L at 2010z

    In Flight:

    • Routing: GARDY2 LAS DCT MLF QWENN5
    • Cruise at FL330, M0.82


    • Salt Lake City International (KSLC)
    • Arrival on the ILS, 34R, Autoland, at 2155z
    • Metar: KSLC 012327Z 0200/0306 33006KT P6SM SCT080 SCT150 FM020400 14004KT P6SM SKC FM021800 33006KT P6SM SCT120 FM030300 16005KT P6SM SCT150

    At KLAX, some exterior shots of the new model:


    And some interior shots:


    Cabin shots:



    Take off and enroute:


    Some shots of the FMC:


    Approach and landing at KSLC


    Happy New Year!


  2. Usually for my Christmas trip I do Rovaniemi or Iceland or one of the traditional Santa-ish places to go. But this year, I thought I'd try somewhere different (apart from the snow, of course), so I picked Sion, LSGS.

    Those of you who know Sion will by now be thinking that it's no place to land a 747, and you're dead right, it isn't. In the Real World™ you'd be in quite a lot of trouble if you tried it (as I discovered, they're a bit short on 747-sized parking spaces, apart from anything else). But hey — it's Christmas....    :-)

    To land on rwy 25 you need to folllow a precise course through a narrow mountain pass.


    Your final heading to the runway is 243º, but naturally the runway heading is 252º — and did I mention that it's only 6,562 ft in total length (although you can't use that much, naturally)? But hey, what are carbon brakes for?    8-º

    So here's a few pics of the last part of the trip, given that that's the.... interesting part.    :-)

    As you can see, the earth is a bit bumpy around here. The bad news is, we have to start to descend below those peaks....



    It's definitely an odd feeling to look around and see rock *above* you!



    But as we thread our way through the mountains, down is the way we need to go....



    As this shot shows, the valley is reasonably wide so far, although it narrows somewhat, up ahead.



    Now and then a patch of localised mist appears, which helps to increase the heart rate even further.



    On the sheltered valley floor, the snow is fairly patchy — either that or else they haven't started to get their full winter allocation yet.



    Aha! Runway in sight (even if this isn't going to be a straight-in landing, as you can see).



    OK, prepare to land: double-check that all the automatics are disconnected and let's enjoy some old-fashioned hand flying. Happily, the 744 is a delight to hand-fly.    :-)



    Landing (or perhaps crashing) imminent — the brisk cross-wind from my left isn't exactly helping things, either.



    Phew! *And* I managed not to go off the end of the runway (sorry there's no pics of the landing itself, but I was a tad busy!).  The runway turnoff has a fairly tight left turn, as you can see.



    In fact, the taxyways are clearly not designed to be wide enough for a 744, either.



    They weren't sure where to put me without blocking up the taxyways or the apron, but we found a space eventually.



    So a safe arrival at Sion — and a very Merry Christmas to all!    :-D



  3. WW2196
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    So after a break of a few weeks due to commitments in the real world, I have managed to wedge in some time for an update on progress.  A relatively short flight from Yeager Airport to Richmond International Airport (KRIC) for a visit to the state capital of Virginia.  Virginia is known as the 'Old Dominion' due to its status as the first English colonial possession established in mainland North America, and also "Mother of Presidents" because eight US Presidents were born there, more than any other state.  Richmond, the state capital had an estimated population in 2016 of 223,170 making it the fourth most populous city in the state.  In terms of the nation and population, Richmond ranks the 98th largest city.  The James River which flows through Richmond (and which I flew over - see below) is the 12th longest in the United States that remains entirely within a single state.  So without further ado the following pictures plot my flight:


    Take off from Yeager Airport.  I've been directed to do a loop of the airport before heading on my outbound vector.  Not sure why...


    Going past Yaeger Airport.  Bye bye Charleston.


    Beautiful landscape in this part of the US.  Forests and ridged hills/mountains.


    What a day for flying...


    The James River


    Finals into Richmond International Airport


    Taxing in to the GA area.  Nice flight.

    So with Richmond under my belt, thats 24 of 50 states visited.  Just under half.  Time to point the plane north next with Maryland up next.  Until next time....

  4. If there is one region I have neglected to explore properly in all these years of simming, it is Europe. What better way to address this oversight than by doing a WWV tour - Europe 2017 to be precise, compiled by the one and only brian747 no less!

    From what I understand, Europe 2017 was put together so that it would be suitable for 747 size aircraft. Naturally, this means I'm going to fly something that would fit inside the cockpit of a 74. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Lancair Legacy.


    One of flight sims funnest birds, RealAir's Legacy is one of my 'go-to' aircraft when I was just want to punch holes in the sky. It's the type of aircraft that I would build for myself if (1) I had more than 4 cents in the bank and (2) could build an aircraft. While she's a quick bird, she's got limited range, which naturally makes her perfect for a WWV tour. Not!

    2017 Europe begins at Stansted and takes us to Dublin.


    It's a cloudy old day in the Old Dart, but a bit of ORBXness is visible enroute.


    Approaching EIDW, I catch a glimpse of a golf course - one of many to be found in this part of the world.


    On approach to runway 28.


    One leg complete, 24 to go.


    The next post will be a mid-tour update. Until then!


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  5. Sorry, Haven't been blogging for awhile.  Some new treatments I've been going thru have left me without a lot of energy.  Keeping my flight hours up has been the priority. But with starting to settle a little and feeling better, it's time to get back to it.

    Picking back up and dropping into the 2017 North America Tour.  

    This is the 6th leg of the tour;  Montreal, Canada to Charlottetown, Canada.  It's one of the longer legs with 448 nm.  Feeling like a little adventure these days, I've chosen to do this tour in a Cessna T303 Crusader.

    Of course this is going to make things a little longer, but with about 100 hours to go for Senior Captain, that works for me. LOL

    The guide has this leg at 1 hr and 16 min but all in it took 2 hrs and 50 min.  Doing much better with " simming " and not just playing around I was able to do the entire flight from the VC without pausing and a landing rate of -157 fpm.   Unfortunately I didn't decide to blog until halfway into the flight so I don't have any screen shots from the beginning of the flight.







    Looking out the wind screen



















                                                                                           Starting to run into some weather.......














    20170815143223_1.thumb.jpg.2a596872361eb7320d49594b9881fc01.jpg              Nice right side view








    Taxiing In







    20170815152614_1.thumb.jpg.9a1fb9f2e2817298e271a6efe735af13.jpg Welcome to Charlottetown !!!





  6. Corey

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    Looking for a executive jet for X11? 

    Just purchased this aircraft. I am very impressed. 

    Provides extreme situational awareness for IFR and VFR, ease of operation of all systems.

    The Skyview Garmin GTN 750/650 package is sweet.


  7. When we created the current website as you see it from the ground up we managed to significantly reduce the time it took to add new airlines. However, it still took time - around 3 hours each time to make sure all the data was correct. So with that in mind, with the new website being developed, a new schedules designer was created. This app on the desktop will allow me to add new airlines in around 15 minutes.

    BTW this is developed using .NET 4.5.x so like ACARS is not compatible with Windows XP but given its an internal tool won't affect anyone but me.


    So pulling out Visual Studio (recently updated to the 2017 version), I created a program that looks a little bit like ACARS. Just to show a bit of the code:


    This small yet powerful program is several 1000's of lines of code (nothing compared to your favourite game or office app). However it also allows me to connect with the online database and download all of the airports and aircraft to a local database.


    The final result is a simple dialog allowing me to add an airline (one aircraft type at a time). However this method does not require me to get all of the aircraft regos so also makes it easier to change later.


    Once the schedules have been sorted and checked (again that aircraft and airports database comes in handy), I can then upload the schedules direct to the website without ever having to go in the browser. Basically 15 minutes work which used to take 3 hours (when we first started 5 years ago it used to take a month).

    Whilst this program will not be available to regular users, it shows how developers also develop their own internal tools to make their life easier. So next time you are concerned that your favourite developer hasn't had an update in a while its probably because they are developing a tool in the background to make life easier (i.e. a support system or content delivery system).

  8. Greg.T

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    I  love this landing its not that easy but  its a lot of fun..

    LOC RW 26 approach Landing RW 08 visual MIN 3700FT TRANS ALT FL120

    1 AB
    230 Radial
    2 inn
    264 radial
    3 oev
    /3.5 distance radial
    4 oej
    247 radial & 065 in the next line

    From RTT track 255 to AB then track 230 to inn
    then 264 to the 3.5 OEV radial ring [min 3700ft]
    turn right and land RW 08


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    Unfortunately I set off from Bangkok and forgot to get the ACARS going in all the excitement of getting the route to run clean to the IGS13 at Kai Tak. Never mind, next time.....

    But her's an en route picture just after Da Nang. FSX, PMDG 744 v3.


    VTBSVHHX Enroute.JPG

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