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      Alpha Website Release 5   10/14/17

      We have just released the next alpha version of the new website and this one is a HUUUUGE release. Schedules search is complete, you can now add, view and remove bookings and a heap of pages have been added. Visit http://new.worldwidevirtual.net to check it out. As always the more feedback we get, the better the new website will be.


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  1. west-virginia-flag-graphic.png.ffe0a7f1b66a4fc85a24e4f1df48683e.png

    After a short break, my adventure continued into West Virginia.  West Virginia is the 10th smallest state by land area and the 38th in terms of population.  It also apparently has the second lowest household income of the 50 states.  My flight today was to take me from Capital City, in Kentucky to Yeager Airport about 2 miles from downtown Charleston, the capital of West Virginia...


    Take off from Yeager Airport...there are clouds afoot.


    Cloud base seems to be lowering...


    White out...in the clouds


    There be Charleston down there with Yeager Airport just visible too.


    A fairly uneventful flight and finals into Yeager Airport.59df5162b3b14_Taxingpastterminal.jpg.47d6cd854d475d9061da3e64baa60616.jpg

    Taxing past the terminal


    Parked up at Yeager Airport

    Charleston is the capital and most populous city in West Virginia with 50,821 residents.  It does not rank in the top 300 US cities in terms of population however.  23 capitals done, 27 to go...the other Virginia up next... 

  2. I decided to do a trip totally within Chinese airspace, especially given the aggressive programme of airport building that is currently going on in China. Air traffic there is controlled by the military — also, all altitude clearances from ATC are given in meters, but the Chinese have devised their own special Metres to Feet conversion table which seems to assumes that 300 metres is equivalent to 1000 ft <gulp> and which must be used by all aircraft for conversion. (IRL, another consequence of the fact that the country’s airspace is largely controlled by the military is that they leave little room for civilian aircraft even as the domestic airline industry is booming, so that the airways are chronically congested and delays are frequent. Happily, that doesn't affect simmers).

    The trip started at Lhasa, Tibet (ZULS) and ended at Sanya "Phoenix International" (ZJSY) — here's the map: as you can see a ground distance of 1211 nm became an air distance of 1603 nm....


    The take-off was not entirely without interest. At an elevation of 11,713 ft Lhasa Gonggar airport (ZULS) is among the highest airports in the world (see the list at  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_highest_airports ).  Only aircraft that have been specially adapted to be able to land and take off at such high altitudes (and whose pilots have been specially trained) can use it — fortunately the Brian's Charter 744 has received such modification. Even so, I used nearly every inch of the available 13,123 feet of runway for my take-off, and then climbed gently and with extreme care, since the thin air at that altitude doesn't provide as much lift (and, of course, the engines don't provide as much thrust) as at a normal airport, either. Just for interest, I had previously tried the Microsoft trike at ZULS, and sure enough it was unable to get off the ground. 






    With the surrounding terrain being somewhat inhospitable (!!), it pays not to stall when climbing away from Lhasa Gonggar!



    Fast forward to the end of the cruise, which included a couple of step climbs, and here you find me approaching the ToD.


    And here are some parts of the instrument panel at the start of the descent.


    After the cold snowy peaks of Tibet, the shores of the South China Sea provided a more welcoming appearance. Sanya airport is at the southern tip of Hainan, the southernmost province of China.




    Unlike ZULS, Sanya Phoenix airport presents a routine challenge when it comes to landing a 747-400, since its 11,155 ft runway is located at an elevation of just 95 ft. In 2016 the airport handled over 17 million passengers. Here are a few shots of the approach and landing —





    And soon after that I was shutting the aircraft down at gate 6.



    OK, now for the trip back — the approach into Lhasa Gonggar is "interesting", to say the least.   ;-)


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  3. Sorry, Haven't been blogging for awhile.  Some new treatments I've been going thru have left me without a lot of energy.  Keeping my flight hours up has been the priority. But with starting to settle a little and feeling better, it's time to get back to it.

    Picking back up and dropping into the 2017 North America Tour.  

    This is the 6th leg of the tour;  Montreal, Canada to Charlottetown, Canada.  It's one of the longer legs with 448 nm.  Feeling like a little adventure these days, I've chosen to do this tour in a Cessna T303 Crusader.

    Of course this is going to make things a little longer, but with about 100 hours to go for Senior Captain, that works for me. LOL

    The guide has this leg at 1 hr and 16 min but all in it took 2 hrs and 50 min.  Doing much better with " simming " and not just playing around I was able to do the entire flight from the VC without pausing and a landing rate of -157 fpm.   Unfortunately I didn't decide to blog until halfway into the flight so I don't have any screen shots from the beginning of the flight.







    Looking out the wind screen



















                                                                                           Starting to run into some weather.......














    20170815143223_1.thumb.jpg.2a596872361eb7320d49594b9881fc01.jpg              Nice right side view








    Taxiing In







    20170815152614_1.thumb.jpg.9a1fb9f2e2817298e271a6efe735af13.jpg Welcome to Charlottetown !!!





  4. After a lengthy absence from the touring life, not to mention blogging, this old bastard has once again jumped back in to the left seat.

    My postponed 2017 Asia tour resumes with a flight from Sumatra, Indonesia to Samui, Thailand. While the first few legs were flown in X-Plane 10, flying the E1000, I have returned to P3D v3 in recent times and it is that platform that will provide yours truly with the opportunity to complete this adventure, flying the delightful L049 Constellation by A2A Simulations.


    The Connie is one of those aircraft that steals your heart and never gives it back. If life had punished blessed me with another daughter, I think she may have been named Connie, such is my affection for this old gal. It is an aircraft that deserved the A2A treatment and they have delivered their finest work in my opinion.

    Time to board our virtual pax, with our 'sweetheart' Betty doing the honours at the top of the stairs. When this bird loads into the sim, you hear the crew exchanges pleasantries and one of my flights had the Captain saying 'Hello sweetheart' to Betty. She didn't take offence, because none was intended! Ah, how I long for these simpler times...


    FTX Global for the textures, REX for the clouds and the PTA tool for the shaders. Still not sure if I like the PTA thing as I'm not a heavy tweaker. I will experiment with it during this tour and reserve judgement for later.


    Beautiful modelling inside and out by the guys at A2A.



    I didn't capture many screenshots during this flight because...to be honest...there wasn't much to see.

    Here's a couple from the final stages as I turned off the autopilot.



    I won't blog every flight on the tour, but will check back in every now and again with a progress update.

    Until next time :)


  5. Corey

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    Looking for a executive jet for X11? 

    Just purchased this aircraft. I am very impressed. 

    Provides extreme situational awareness for IFR and VFR, ease of operation of all systems.

    The Skyview Garmin GTN 750/650 package is sweet.


  6. When we created the current website as you see it from the ground up we managed to significantly reduce the time it took to add new airlines. However, it still took time - around 3 hours each time to make sure all the data was correct. So with that in mind, with the new website being developed, a new schedules designer was created. This app on the desktop will allow me to add new airlines in around 15 minutes.

    BTW this is developed using .NET 4.5.x so like ACARS is not compatible with Windows XP but given its an internal tool won't affect anyone but me.


    So pulling out Visual Studio (recently updated to the 2017 version), I created a program that looks a little bit like ACARS. Just to show a bit of the code:


    This small yet powerful program is several 1000's of lines of code (nothing compared to your favourite game or office app). However it also allows me to connect with the online database and download all of the airports and aircraft to a local database.


    The final result is a simple dialog allowing me to add an airline (one aircraft type at a time). However this method does not require me to get all of the aircraft regos so also makes it easier to change later.


    Once the schedules have been sorted and checked (again that aircraft and airports database comes in handy), I can then upload the schedules direct to the website without ever having to go in the browser. Basically 15 minutes work which used to take 3 hours (when we first started 5 years ago it used to take a month).

    Whilst this program will not be available to regular users, it shows how developers also develop their own internal tools to make their life easier. So next time you are concerned that your favourite developer hasn't had an update in a while its probably because they are developing a tool in the background to make life easier (i.e. a support system or content delivery system).

  7. Greg.T

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    I  love this landing its not that easy but  its a lot of fun..

    LOC RW 26 approach Landing RW 08 visual MIN 3700FT TRANS ALT FL120

    1 AB
    230 Radial
    2 inn
    264 radial
    3 oev
    /3.5 distance radial
    4 oej
    247 radial & 065 in the next line

    From RTT track 255 to AB then track 230 to inn
    then 264 to the 3.5 OEV radial ring [min 3700ft]
    turn right and land RW 08


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    Unfortunately I set off from Bangkok and forgot to get the ACARS going in all the excitement of getting the route to run clean to the IGS13 at Kai Tak. Never mind, next time.....

    But her's an en route picture just after Da Nang. FSX, PMDG 744 v3.


    VTBSVHHX Enroute.JPG

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